7 Apr 2010

Le Dinosaure - { I'm not going to insult your intelligence! }

Before I had my poppet I dabbled in a little bit of sewing and craft (let's not include the teenage knitting debacles nor the disastrous date with decoupage!). I designed and made some of my clothes and that's about as far as it went. But when I closed my teaching books and embarked on the greatest adventure of my life... Motherhood, I became a walking, talking craft magnet. I still love my fashion but now find I know the names of more fabric designers than fashion ones. I lap up craft blogs and books like some new found elixir that I felt I always needed but never knew it until now. The world that has opened itself up to me is utterly inspiring and feelings evoked by creating something with my own hands for another human being is magic! Once, I would have noted a loved ones approaching birthday with a groan and hit the shops the day before said occasion to hunt out something special. Now, I consult my ever growing craft book and pattern collection, and dive into my bulging fabric stash for that perfect pressie.

My gorgeous nephew Thomas just turned five and here is such a present. He, like most little boys his age is mad keen on dinosaurs so a Melly and Me softie was called for. He was a delight to make and paired with a 3D dinosaur book he elicited many a "cool, Aunty Steph!" from Tom. I am thrilled to say that in this age of Ben 10, Transformers and Wii (honestly, who can ask for one of these in a shop without a giggle!), my brother's little man is still innocent enough to love a softie. Here is Dominic the Dinosaur indulging in a few of his favourite vegetarian foods in the garden.

Of course I wouldn't give my nephew a carnivore!


  1. BEAUTIFUL work, it's a great way to get handmade loveliness to boys, if only in the form of something dangerous, or is he a friendly harmless dinosaur?? Love Posie

  2. Just gorgeous, Steph. There's nothing quite like a beautiful handmade gift, they are such special treats to treasure forever... as I know Dominic will be.

  3. Omigosh that is the most gorgeous dinosaur I've ever seen! Beautiful!

  4. He is gorgeous!! My son is really into dinosaurs at the moment and would love one like him :)


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