17 Apr 2010

La Magique de Mathilde - { Mathilda's Magic }

A glorious Autumn morning and a little jaunt to the fabulous Mathilda's Market . Who could ask for anything more. O.K. maybe a chocolate eclair or two! Even with driving unchaperoned along the inner city bypass fearing that with one wrong lane change I could end up on the Clem 7. For those of you not from Brisbane, the Clem 7 is a tunnel which links two sides of the city....underwater! I am simply NOT going through a tunnel that goes under water...call me silly but if Sylvester Stallone struggled to escape one then I've got Buckley's.

Enough with the utterly irrational fear of drowning in an underwater tunnel....breathe Steph breathe....and on with the show!

Poppet now has a gorgeous little red metal wagon to pull all her prized possessions around in. I have been searching for a vintage one for ages but couldn't pass up this little beauty from Moochie-Moo .

A "Saggy Baggy Elephant" cube puzzle from Style Aficionado. How much do I love this little fellow!

This beautiful little birdy brooch and.....

...these lovely vintage inspired cards from Treeparty design . The brooch is for my poppet. She loves brooches....or is that just me loving them on her? And the cards might be framed and put up on her wall.

And my absolute favourite!!! A new cloth doll. I always buy a new little doll each time I'm at a market and see the gorgeous Melinda of Retro Bird. Poppet already has three so now the aptly named Mathilda (on the left) just has to get to know Grace, Libby and Alice. The aren't cliquey though...tea parties all round.
Plus, she has a cat to help break the ice.

Hubby took our poppet down for a wee little milkshake and a mini muffin. I had a lovely morning with a dear friend soaking in creative delights. All is well in the world :)


  1. Oh you scored well my love!! So excited to be moving to Brisbane & doing Mathilda's myself. I have the same fear of tunnels, Sydney Harbour tunnel, i try to hold my breath & those incredible tunnels in Europe, well worth getting to Italy by going through them but man, i'm not a fan. I have been thinking about a blog post on irrational fears, as i have a big one of clowns, with both the Moscow & Stardust cricuses are in town in Canberra/ Queanbeyan, i'm in hell. Happy thoughts, i'll learn to avoid that Clem 7 tunnel too, or white knuckles on the steering wheel, love Posie

  2. Oooh, Steph, that cutest bird brooch and these beyond awesome dolls.... sigh..... A D O R A B L E !!! Such cute post today, lovely, love all your sweetness! Love coming over here!! Wishing you a most wonderful weekend! XOXOXO

  3. Wow, great finds! It sounds like your Saturday was a perfect one. Shopping, friends and mini milkshakes! xo

  4. oooooh, those vintage dolls are gorgeous!
    I love their chubby knees!!

  5. what adorable treasures Steph, especially those dolls!
    sounds like a fabulous day.

    glad you liked the recipe, made me smile.

  6. Oh you two had a fun day indeed, I love toy shopping with my kids one at a time alone on a date a little lunch, a little coffee for mommy.
    oh the sweet memories your making, I bet you were a fantastic teacher....

  7. I can completely understand the underwater tunnel thing. I have enough trouble crossing the Auckland Harbour Bridge with two kids in the car! Love the look of that market and your wonderful finds. I have given my parents and siblings strict instructions to attend the August one. I will be over in July so I will just miss it boohoo!

  8. Lovely little haul of goodies! Did you manage to get to Handmade Heaven?

    I hate that tunnel too, I will NEVER use it...ever!! We were just not meant to travel under the water that way....ack!


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