4 Apr 2010

Joyeuses Pâques! - { Happy Easter! }

Wishing everyone a happy Easter and a lovely long weekend. Thank-you so much to my followers and for those lovelies who leave comments. I am just so excited every time I log onto my computer! My hubby often comes running when I squeal fearing I've fallen off something (happens quite a bit!) only to discover me jumping about all teary (yes I cry a lot!) because some kindred spirit has become a follower of my little blog or I've received a lovely new comment. The blog love out there constantly makes my heart sing!

Here are a few little "Darla" chicks I made for Bijou for Easter. Thanks to the lovely Gret for inspiration and also to Lynn for the gorgeous little pattern and tutorial. Enjoy your little families!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! Isn't it amazing to have such great friendships with people you have never met! I love poping on the computer & doing the rounds, catching up on all the wonderful talent, and great family stories of daily life...

  2. :) Happy Easter to you and your family too - your little chick family are super sweet.
    LOL that DH comes running, only to find you jumping up and down. We will get on well:) I was tearing tonight when Amelia offered both DH and I an egg.


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