27 Apr 2010

La Lime et la Gingembre Baisers - { Lime and Ginger Kisses }

I simply adore the French way of greeting..."la bise" ...the cheek to cheek peck. Or...."les grosses bises" ....BIG cheek to cheek kisses! It doesn't seem to matter the gender, the age, whether you like the person or not...when you greet...you kiss! It is a common joke in France that you can tell where a person is from by the number of kisses they give as it varies all over the country. Young men...and I dare say women have been known to exagerate their kiss numbers claiming it's a "region thing"! Cheeky monkeys! (Oh, cringe worthy pun!!)

As a rather "touchy" individual this sort of method of saying hello and goodbye suits me perfectly. I was truly blessed to be raised in a very affectionate household and endeavour to pass on the gift of touch to my own little family. My poppet loves her cuddles and will ask for them regularly throughout the day. She gives the most gorgeous sloppy kisses and her eyes light up when I tell her I love her. Can she be old enough to understand what I am saying....or is it that love is such an intrinsic part of being a human being that we feel it from birth. Whatever is going on in her little mind I go to bed each night knowing I have done all I can to show her that she is loved...to the moon and back a gazillion times!!

I'm off to have a cup of tea and one or two of these yummy bikkies. But before that...I'm going to tiptoe in and kiss my sleeping babe and drink in her yummy baby smell. Grosses bises!!


  1. If only you lived closer I would stop by for my baby fix and one of those treats.
    My girlfriend just had a baby and she has a 14 month old, I look at her with amazement.

  2. Mmmmm, I could live & breathe forever on that baby smell...

  3. Those look delicioussssssss. Do enjoy, do enjoy each and every crumbs! Have a lovely evening, Steph. xx

  4. What a sweet post:) Your cooking looks and sounds delicious, just like the cuddles and kisses from a little one are just devine.

  5. these look soooooo nice and moreish!! sweet post

  6. What a beautiful post - you really have a way with words and pictures, very inspiring. I had tears in my eyes reading what you had to say about loving your daughter, you know it because you feel it. The tears followed on from salivating over your wonderful pictures of those gorgeous biccies! Joanna x
    P.S Would it be okay if I put your blog on my "blogs I like list"?

  7. Hello Steph!

    What a beautiful blog you have and what a sweet post and lovely sentiment you shared.
    I wear lots of red lippy and love to leave my kissy mark on the tiny people I am blessed to have in my life :)


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