12 Apr 2010

Le Bébé et Les Biscuits - { The Baby and the Biscuits }

Last week, dear friends of ours welcomed their new baby daughter into the world. They named her Hannah, meaning flower blossom in Japanese. So as a tribute to her name and its beautiful meaning, I made her a tiny little kimono from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I used a lovely (and very tiny) piece of Tanya Whelan's "Darla" fabric, polka dot bias binding and pale pink buttons as cherry blossoms to embellish it. As tiny as it is...it still swims on her. Bless!

I made a few appliquéd washers too as you can never have too many!

And because my lovely Mummy says you never call on new parents without food. Hubby and I made a vegetarian lasagne, an asparagus quiche and some bikkies

These are "breastfeeding biscuits" with ingredients to help with Mumma milk making (they also contain choccie chips just cause). My Hubby and our male friend took tentative bites when I told everyone what they were called as if with each nibble they would begin to sprout their own heaving set of milk laden bosoms! At last check, Hubby's boobies (sorry love...pecs!) were in their perfect state of manliness. But doesn't the mind boggle!


  1. Gorgeous gifts, Steph, another lucky little bubby girl! Lovely edible treats too!
    Enjoy your day:)

  2. what lovely gifts, that kimono is tres belle and your mum is so right- new parents need lots of easy dinners! i love your applique too :)

  3. Beautiful gifts Steph and the biscuits look great. Had to laugh at the boys eating them tenatively. I note they ate them though so they can't have been that worried! The applique flannels are beautiful.

  4. Hi Steph,
    Just letting you know that I featured your sweet blog in my 5 favourite things list for this week.
    Have a lovely week.
    Melinda xo

  5. What a kind friend you are , what lovely gifts !

  6. Hi Steph, I just popped onto your lovely lovely blog. Your gifts are beautiful. So so sweet! I;'m off to read some of your past posts...
    and became your newest follower so I don't have to miss any posts!

    Have a happy day! xo

  7. Such gorgeous little baby goodies! That little kimono is just divine!

  8. All delightful! All perfect for a new mama & baby. They are a very lucky little family to have a friend such as you.

  9. Oh what a beautiful kimono & I love the idea of appliques on the washers. And those bickies I am sure went down a treat!

  10. Too cute! I bet they are thrilled to have a gorgeous friend like you! Love the bickie story.

  11. What a lovely little gift!

    And the biscuits taste fab - I will have to get the recipe (I think Baden would have eaten his weight in them too if there had have been more - I should rename him the cookie monster)


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