15 Apr 2013

maxi skirt - vintage fashion

Take one slightly scary floor length, sack like dress from the 70s.
Resist the urge to screw up your nose and walk away.
Rub the silky fabric between your fingers like your Mumma taught you and watch it's lovely drape.
Fall in love with the vibrant print.
Pay a pittance for it on a whim hoping you can cajole it into something wearable.
Stuff it into your "to do one day" pile.
Notice those pink flowers peak out at you often. Seize the moment.
Aggressively hack off the top section and add to the babies' dress up suitcase.
Make an elasticised waist band.
Go on a road trip. Twirl along wooden bridges and sip chai.
Matching lipstick optional.

Steph x

P.S. Thank-you so much for all your beautiful comments about Tim's images. It was a remarkable day with Tim and his beautiful family and our pictures are beyond treasured.

Hunt out a long flowy vintage dress. Holding the dress up against you with the bottom hem where you would want it to sit,  mark your waist line. Lying the dress flat  cut the top section off about 2 1/2 centimetres above this mark (to leave enough fabric to make the waistband). Fold over about half a centimetre and stitch (I used a ziz zag stitch because my fabric had some stretch in it). Fold over again (just under 2 centimetres this time and stitch leaving a 3 centimetre opening for your elastic. Measure 2cm width elastic around your waist and add another few centimetres. Attach a safety pin and thread your elastic through the casing. Join the two ends together and sew backwards and forwards with a zig zag stitch quite a few times (seam allowance of about 2 centimetres). Try the skirt on and adjust the elastic if needed. Trim the end of the elastic and thread inside. Sew up the last of the casing.

Vintage fashion series -
tablecloth top


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous Steph. x

  2. You have made something so special! I love it!

  3. So lovely. And I just love the way the tutorial is written. You have a gift, Steph! Happy Monday to you.

  4. This is just perfect and I think I have just the dress hanging in my closest that has been awaiting a much needed makeover.

  5. Steph, your skirt is stunning!! You clever lady... you constantly inspire me :)

  6. You've done a lovely job tranforming it into a skirt.
    Makes you look at many pieces hanging on the op-shop clothes racks in a different light.x

  7. Stunning. Love this. A long skirt is so flattering. Zanni x

  8. I have done this to many a sack dress. That or cut it to knee length and then wear it with a belt on the waist. Vintage fabrics have the best colours.

  9. Oh, how lovely. I have three dresses in need of just this. Thank you for the inspiration! Imogen x

  10. This skirt is divine as is your ability to create it from something that was once loved but had seen better days!

    ps - you're on my blog and I'm on yours....have a lovely week sweet lady x

  11. Right back at ya, mama. Your blog is lovely. Glad we found each other :) Just added yours to my reading list.


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