30 Sept 2010

Mon Espace Créateur - { My Creative Space }

She flits between trees on sandaled tippy toes. She gently pats the bark of a tree as if it were an old friend. She hovers and pauses to examine an insect...a piece of bark...a pattern in the mud and then in a flash...flits off again.

She makes me smile in her wings.... the ones Mumma bought from the op shop for $2 ...but mostly her own arm wings she holds out behind her as she scoots about. She delights in her little wee costume made with love by Mumma.

Her bird calls that Daddy has taught her are varied and amusing. She makes my heart sing with her Kookaburra noise complete with tummy slapping belly laugh.

In what seems an instant this fairy flew into my life, sprinkled her golden sunshine on everything she touched and grew far too quickly. I know it's wrong to want to pop her into a jar and watch her glow and flitter about inside. Would that stop time?

She is precious and magic. I will let her grow her wings and fly! Don't fly too fast...or too far my little fairy.

For other star dusty spaces please flit over here.

28 Sept 2010

Vêtements pour mon poppet - { Clothes for my poppet }

Ahoy me hearties! You would be forgiven for thinking I had sailed off into the wide blue yonder in a little sailboat. And you wouldn't be too far from the truth. I, my friends, took myself and Bijou on a languid cruise to the Snotty Islands with a detour to the Bay of Coughs and finally anchoring at Vomit Reef.

Our journey was one of woe filled with tempests, rough seas and Nessie like monsters that go bump in the night! This was no P.N.O cruise liner with sumptuous buffets, cinema complexes, day spas and coco-nutty cocktails with those little paper umbrellas.

Oh no, no, no! This was a swabbing the deck, hoisting the sails and keeping eyes propped open with match sticks whilst on lookout in the crows nest kind of trip. So much so that there were times I contemplated walking the plank.

But through all the sludgy seaweed and misty, endless fogs I found time to sew some much needed Summer clothes for Bijou. Simple little garments made with sunny fabrics that made me smile. And heaven knows I needed that the last week!

A few little wee dresses in butter soft cottons, a little denim skirt and a t-shirt embellished with vintage doily sleeves, a scrappy flower and vintage buttons (embellishment that I cleverly attached to the back of the t-shirt ... to unpick it?....nah!!!!) and a few more things cut and ready to be finished off.

All in all this gal did get off Gilligan's island....looking rather more like Mrs. Howell than Ginger let me tell you right now.

Wishing you a week full of blue skies and calm seas.

21 Sept 2010

♪♫ L'amour est dans l'air! ♪♫ - { ♪♫ Love is in the air! ♪ ♫ }

Blog love that is!! I have once again been overwhelmed by the generosity of my lovely bloggy friends.

Firstly by the lovely Kathy (an actual friend in person....we used to teach together many moons ago!) of Sweet Simplicitee who awarded me a Beautiful Blogger award.Kathy has such an eye for detail and creates stunning cards, papercrafts and fabric bags in her trademark fresh and simple style. Her photography skills are also a wonder! She makes a mean coffee too.

And then, the gorgeous Sarah of Cotton Kiwi awarded me a Versatile Blogger award. Sarah makes the most delightful, whimsical creations. Think flower filled fairy skirts, sock monkeys and her eponymous tape measure brooch.....trés clever. Chatted to her on the phone like an old friend when last she visited her parents in Australia even though we've never met.

In order to pass some of this blog love on I'm going to "shout out" about a few newish bloggers who I simply adore. I pop in daily to see what these inspiring ladies have been up to.

Katie from Grow. Cook. Sew. - her parenting style mirrors mine and she cooks the most delicious, wholesome things from her enviable garden. J'adore her photos!

Catherine from Pencils and Pins - such brilliant ideas for recycling and re-purposing things. You simply must join in on her "reverse finds" on a Saturday. This idea is gold!

Sarah from One Perfect Day - another lovely lady with the same passions for parenting as me...and she loves white paint too!!

Please do visit them....they would put the kettle on I'm sure of it!

Le printemps est ici! - { Spring is here! }

You might remember this little parcel of Spring that I sent off to Vic of Punky and Me for her Spring Swap. Well here is the gorgeousness that I received from the lovely Claire of little tweetheart. The sweetest little vintage sheet skirt with a re-purposed daffodil doily pocket. Don't you just love the little happy face button? Too cute!

Also this crocheted watermelon pot holder that Bijou quickly absconded with and hid it in her oven. She's a crafty one my lass. And she knows a treasure when she spies it!

And the weeniest bird brooch that mon petit poppet carries around in her pocket making delightful bird noises whenever she remembers it's there. Thanks so much Claire for all your generosity and to Vic for hosting such a lovely swap. I'd best stop gabbing on and go and do my one hour of kid's clothes sewing.....crack that whip Elsie Marley!!!

20 Sept 2010

Je l'ai fait! - { I've made it! }

I was lucky enough to be part of the madeit new seller quick five. I'm over here having a chat about what makes me tick. I'd love for you to join me for a natter. Hope your week is full of zany moments that make you giggle!! I will be back soon with my first Kids Clothing Week Challenge item and some lovely bloggy friends to shout out about.

16 Sept 2010

Mon Espace Créateur - { My Creative Space }

A brilliant charity, Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids is providing much needed essential and personal items to children in the foster care system. The gorgeous folk at Kid Independent are helping out by aiming to collect 500 pairs of brand new undies to donate to the cause.

As a little incentive to encourage people to pledge oodles of undies they have invited a variety of creative people to donate something to use as prizes. When the lovely Indi contacted me and asked if I'd make a softie with an undie theme to add to the loot I jumped at the chance. To think of little ones lacking the bare necessities when they make such a huge transition to foster care is heart breaking and I am thrilled to be able to help in some way.

I decided on a bikini doll as a French Mademoiselle swanning around in her undies seemed more fitting for the latest Moulin Rouge spectacular rather than a prize for a wee kidlet. She may very well be jetting your way shortly if you are a lucky winner. All you have to do is pledge some brand new undies, briefs, pants, grunges, gruds....whatever you call them....underpants!!

Add undies to your shopping list, tell all your friends about the campaign, share it on your blog, get your Mother's group or work place involved and then package up your undies and make your pledge by the 30th September.

For other crafty types have a squizz here. And go and buy some undies......now!!! (please !)

13 Sept 2010

Les Marchés au Puces - { The Market of the Fleas }

Aren't memories just the most delicious things! Especially those ones hidden away in dusty nooks in your brain. Those memories that fickle Miss. Short Term Memory deems too impractical, silly or just plain boring to hold onto yet sturdy Mrs. Long Term Memory pops them in a jar up on a shelf for a rainy day.

I had such a memory moment the other day on a wee wander around the local "market of fleas". With nothing but my gorgeous little family, a sun hat, a few dollars and a bluebird on my shoulder ♪ I set off on a thrifting adventure.

Old clothes....Mills and Boon novels......grotty baby toys.....chintzy ornaments.....old tools....and then...BANG! In a flash I was transported through time and space á la Star Trek when I spotted these Tupperware toys from afar.

My pace quickened and fell into a speedy rhythm with my heart! I knew I knew these toys but I couldn't remember when or where. They were as familiar to me as my own hands but my brain had stored their images away for nearly thirty years. As I sorted through the box each new animal elicited a more happy wave of recollection than the last.

The elephant, the dog and the giraffe and all the body parts to mix and match them. All that's missing is the giraffe's neck. What an awesome find! I actually jumped up and down and clapped my hands together like a little girl whose been told she can have an choc top from the ice cream man coming up the road.

For other bits of nostalgia head over here. I sure hope your week is full of bliss!!

10 Sept 2010

Neuf Têtes - { Nine Heads }

To say that I have had a few hair disasters in my time is a major understatement. The apprentice who chopped my 10 year old half way down my back hair into a lopsided bob that kept getting shorter and shorter as she tried to get it right.

The nasty encounter with a crimping iron (ooh yes, I was the belle of the year 6 ball....complete with seersucker capri pants, pink lightning bolt clip on earrings, a spiky fringe and an utterly flat chest...I had to beat those boys off!!) that resulted in third degree burns to the back of my head. The hair will never grow back so lucky piggy tails are something of the past.

A "creative curl" perm at an age when I should have known better. I desperately wanted cascaded waves á la Gisele Bunchen but ended up with something not dissimilar to a steelo pad!!

And recently, a young thang butchered my hair into a shaggy, razered mop. This afternoon, with Poppet safely deposited at Nana and Grandfathers I'm taking a much overdue pilgrimage into my beloved hair salon (yes I strayed away...but you always go back) for an overhaul. Wish me luck!

Lace top - Dotti
Grey harem pants - Sportsgirl
My fave sandals - Sportsgirl
Leather cuff - Witchery
Victorian filigree bangle - Antique shop in Paris
Tiffany and co. bracelet - Oh my hubby, you are a gem!

Note: 9 Heads is a method of drawing fashion figures using the head as a measurement.

8 Sept 2010

Mon Espace Créateur - { My Creative Space }

Spring has well and truly sprung in the sunshine state! Windows need to be opened to clear out the mustiness of Winter. Woolly slippers are being replaced with cute little house flip flops (mine even have pink diamantes....trés chic).

The vegie garden is calling me daily to come and re-invigerate her with a thorough stripping, mulching, fertilising and planting of gorgeous Spring veg. Baby carrots, cos lettuce, snow peas and asparagus all encased with an ethereal halo of smiling pansies.

Dusting becomes a need rather than a want...or "avoid" as in our house. Those little cobbies you've been spying up on the ceiling whilst lying in bed must simply be swept away. Cleaning out cupboards, making lists and overdosing on storage solution catalogues is the pastime du jour.

And outside time when the dew dries quickly on the grass, sunshine caresses pasty legs rather than burning like Summer sun, there are ladybugs aplenty and sapphire blue butterflies meander through the yard on their way to some fantastic Spring time soirée.

To celebrate all things Spring, Vic from Punky and Me held a festive "Here Comes the Sun" swap and this little vintage sheet and broderie anglaise hopscotch was my sunshiney gift to her complete with an embroidered vine. For other snippets of Spring and all things crafty tiptoe through the tulips to this delightful spot.

7 Sept 2010

Préférés d'Enfance - { Childhood Favourites }

My house smelled all gingerbready today as Honey Jumbles were on the menu. Whilst munching on a few and supping a large cup of tea I pondered their funny name...I mean, they don't even have honey in them! That got me to thinking about the rather quirky list of nicknames in my family. Who knows where half of them come from (usually from loopy old me of course!) or what they mean but they have well and truly stuck. Take my Dad for instance. He isn't referred to as Dad, Daddy, Papa...or even Pater. No...I call my Dad...Falofial (Falof for short)! He used to be Pope a Shmope but that evolved into Falofial as crazy nicknames tend to do. And no, I haven't done hard drugs people!

Mum is Momle, Momelie or Mome depending on the time of day it is. And my brother formerly known as Snot (i.e. Scott...kids have noooo name making-up imagination!!) is now Pooh Bum. This is the name he lovingly (tongue in cheek right now) called me throughout my childhood so I'm generously returning the favour. Had to laugh when one of my nephews once called me Auntie Pooh Bum.

And little old me...well I'm known to my Falofial and Momle as Gertie...Gertie Wee...Gert...Wert! Oh imagine the teenage mortification of having one's Mum call "Gert" at the top of their lungs when looking for you in the shops. Quelle horreur! And Hubby...well he's Bert. So there's Wert and Bert..charming.

So of course my Bijou has her fair share or nicknames....mostly revolving around honey. Honey Girl, Honey Bee, Honey Bee Lower (????), Honey Bear, Honey Bunny, Cheeky Chops, Muffiny, Poppet, Poppety, Poss, Little Love, Bubba, Love Heart...and when I really think about it...Bijou! Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet...my word yes, Mr Shakespeare.