31 Dec 2012

little things

Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.
Santa brought swings! Under the cover of darkness the clever fellow fashioned a bright blue rock wall on one side.
My beloved first car off to a new owner who wants to bring her back to her former glory. Yes, there were tears.
Simply can not keep him clean.
A sandy concoction.
Helping Papa to saw off the branches from our Christmas tree. Plans for blocks and candle holders are percolating in my mind.
She hung Christmas lights on her cubby house.
Our first heirloom tomato from these seeds.

Joining in with the lovely Em and the lovely Lou
Steph x

30 Dec 2012


"A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou - The sunlight, the straw hat, the wisps of hair. Always her head bowed in concentration.
Remy -  He absolutely devoured a dragon fruit! Was red from head to toe.
Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.

Steph x

23 Dec 2012


"A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou - She looked us in the eye from the second she came into the world. Sharp as tack this one.
Remy -  Drinking out of a cup all by himself. Oh my baby boy!

Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.

Steph x

little things {christmas}



Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peak at another day....and smile.

Christmas card making with scraps of vintage wrapping paper and old cardboard folders.
"Better than ANY in the shops!" she declared.
A thoughtful and oh so beautiful gift from a dear friend.
The wicker basket of Christmas books. She is often found quietly reading them...he is always perched beside her.
One eager beaver turned all coy when it finally came time to sit with Santa. The other thought it was all completely unsatisfactory!
Chrissie pud and custard.
Peppermint bark. Oh my!
Pudding making with Nana complete with threepences.
Our dinner table.
A whisker of Christmas tree caught up in her hair.  Squeals of laughter when I showed her it was there.

Wishing you all the most beautiful and indulgent of Christmases filled with song, laughter and much hope and peace. May the bearded man bring you something lovely too!

Joining in with the lovely Em and the lovely Lou.
Steph x

21 Dec 2012


Tender tummies and the stifling heat have kept us close to the nest the last little while. Slow, gentle days bathing in cool water and each other's company. Festive crafts such as my great grandmother would have made adorning tabletop, tree and windowsill. Making do with whatever snippet of something we have about our home; whatever sparks our imagination and yearns to be transformed.

Thin slices of citrus in a low oven. Time and a mellow heat cajole every last drop of acidic juice from their flesh. Their beauty somehow suspended in time; almost magnified. Jute twine and fingers that seemed like only yesterday grasped at my hair as she fed in the wee hours. Simple, rhythmic tasks to still my erratic mind.

Taking time to try to make sense of the unfathomable heartbreak bearing down upon our world at the moment. Clinging so desperately to the brilliance of this awe inspiring planet. Steadfastly refusing to abandon hope in her magnificent people.

Breathing in all that is this breathtaking journey of parenthood in all it's messy, heartbreaking, soul defining and oh so very beautiful glory. Finding peace. Being so very grateful.

Steph x

20 Dec 2012


nattering with my babe
dappled light
fossicked driftwood with holes
endless jute twine
late night elving
blue skies

Steph x

Joining in with these clever souls.

19 Dec 2012

ice boats

Temperatures are soaring here and while our neighbours across the seas are singing Christmas carols flecked with snowy lyrics and hoping that their Winter wonderland may indeed become a reality, we are doing our utmost to keep cool.

Homemade coconut milk and mango ice blocks, constant sips of lemony water, tepid midday baths for poppets and Mummas alike, babes in squishy cloth nappies and not much more. Keeping our Christmas tree topped up in a bid to keep it's jade needles from turning musty brown before the man with the beard pops by, frequent sponge downs with wrung out washers steeped in cool water with a few drops of lavender, cornstarch powder under wee little people's necks to ward off heat rash. And ice boats.

With humidity veiling our clammy bodies and cicadas singing their shrill Summer call we revelled in the sharp coolness that only icy water can bring. Bodies were cooled...time was slowed.

Is it hot in your little slice of this lovely planet? What are you doing to keep cool? Or perhaps it's snowing....I'd love to hear!

Steph x

Small blobs of plasticine were stuck to the bottom of some takeaway containers. A paddle pop stick mast was added. Food colouring was mixed with water in all colours of the rainbow and poured into the containers. A very slow and careful trip to the freezer and a few hours later our boats; adorned with sails,  were floated. 

18 Dec 2012

reverse garbage

Tucked away in a little slice of industrialism is an Aladdin's cave. Row upon row of discarded and seemingly unwanted bits of this and that waiting in transit for fertile minds to narrow in on them. With synapses firing and tactile driven fingertips reaching and clasping these cast offs are snaffled up for their latest crafting adventure.

From one visit to the next you can never quite tell what treasures will be waiting in cardboard bin or wire crate. The fossickers that make up the Reverse Garbage crew collect all manner of high quality industrial cast offs and sell them to the public mostly for small change. A visionary promotion of sustainability that whisks great loads of potential land fill from manufacturers and places it with a good dash of quirk into eager and creative hands.

For the cost of a morning tea out we loaded bags with leather offcuts, corks, fluoro stickers, coffee sacks and papers and had a thoroughly entertaining potter through a fascinating and funny world. A box load of plaster denture moulds anyone? The poppets frolicked amongst fabric and store mannequins and my eyes looked upon each unusual find with discern whilst my brain to-ed and fro-ed; conjuring up artistic play for myself and my babies.

These gold mines can be found in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Enjoy!

Steph x