21 May 2011

Grateful for...being able to laugh at myself!

Many dewy morns ago I, giddy with anticipation told you (o.k. gushed...excessively!) about poppet's new bed and how Hubby and I planned to transform it into a sleeping chariot fit for any princess. Well there was much toiling...and quite a bit of grumbling....and then some more toiling... And finally every minuscule flake of the old paint and rust was gone. Then with careful and deliberate strokes I painted each curlicue, each swirl, each sconce until Bijou's bed head and end gleamed like new. Twas the night before the grand unveiling as Hubby set about putting the two restored puzzle pieces together with a frame that a fly was detected in the ointment.

The frame was too short...and too narrow. Could this gorgeous bed that must have been over a hundred years old...could it possibly be...a king single??!!! There were accusations, "hands on hips" huffy breaths, possibly even foot stamping (I know...trés childish!) from both parties. Then silence. Surely we'd noted the bed's measurements, surely when we ordered the brand spanking new mattress that had arrived wrapped in plastic earlier that week, we'd considered it's dimensions.

Tiptoeing into our babe's room (it's far from the size of a suite at the Ritz!) we tentatively measured where this gargantuan bed was going to go. Well, if poppet had a cat..and if we let her perform such acts on animals...she simply would not be able to swing it! The finality hit us...the bed was too big!!!

The wound was raw for a day or two but was eased by the arrival of a delicate little turned wooden bed in ivory (an eBay bargain for $10!!!) made by some one's loving grand papa when they were small. That and the thought that only aristocracy could own such a "king single" way back when!

And now when we spy the gorgeous bed tucked safely under the house for when our angel (and hopefully our house) grows a little...well Hubby and I can laugh at ourselves and at how utterly stupid we were this particular occasion. Sometimes every now and again we all need a good humbling to stop us taking ourselves too seriously....and maybe just to give our blogging friends a wee giggle ;)

Thanks to this lovely lass for encouraging us to share what we're grateful for. The list is endless!

20 May 2011

My Creative Space - The Dirty "P" Word

Before you commend me for my crafty diligence at preparing for the upcoming Mathilda's market...think again. The above piccie depicts what my creative space should look like this week what with stock to prepare but I've got a hefty dose of that rogue illness that seems to strike just when you need your "get up and go". That's right my lovelies...I'm suffering from a severe case of procrastination.

Instead of hammering along on trusty old Jan I'm eyeballing luscious new winter projects promising new skills, a snugly poppet .....and quite probably more than one or two tantrums (from me that is!)

I'm performing delicate eye surgery on a beloved friend. She is so loved that her blue peepers have been picked at religiously whilst lulling mon bébé to slumber.

Then there's the organising of the shameful disaster that is my embroidery thread. Who has time for stock sewing when there's perfectly important and utterly pedantic tidying to be done?

And what is a girl to do when there's nothing left but to set up shop and sew stock? Start a brand new quilt for her Momle, that's what! And no...it's not a lap size.

A bazillion crafty folk are showing off their hard work this week over here. I'd best head down, bottom up and sew the night away in preparation for the next Mathilda's. On the other hand, I do declare that the ironing pile is getting a bit tall and leany.

17 May 2011

We Play - Instruments

A lovely visit a little while ago to a new little friend's house inspired us to make our very own shaker!

We armed ourselves with two paper plates, crayons, paint and cotton buds and a whole lotta imagination....

Some stapling from Mumma and some very careful filling with dry pasta....

Maestro do you have you baton poised in the ready? May the music commence!!!

With some pots and pans and some favourite instruments from her box of goodies a cacophony of delightful sound was created. Took us all afternoon and both of us had a whale of a time!

I'm "playing" with all these lovely Mumma's over here.

9 May 2011

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice.....

It was quite uncanny that mon petit poppet chose to make these Sugar and Spice biscuits for our weekly baking jaunt as she has been far from "all things nice" the last few weeks! Now before you howl in horror at me over the "butter wouldn't melt in her mouth" cherub of a child, let me announce that the Mr. Terrible Two's has arrived in this humble abode and has refused to leave as unwanted guests tend to.

She is still so incredibly loving, creative, chilled out, funny and full of life ...she's just testing the waters....often! Patience has become a whole new level of virtue and consistency and following through has become the order of the day. Oh how I long for those swaddled in muslin days where she'd smile up at me from the confines of her cot....even just for a few hours.

But then I find myself wondering. Would I be concerned if my gorgeous little wisp of a creature was docile, demure and always obliging. If she never challenged the way things work, rebelled against the norms and asserted her individuality and independence. And after a moment of hesitation I'd have to resolutely answer, no! Girls were once raised to be sugar and spice and all things nice and then were promptly trampled on by their masculine peers and further down the track, husbands and colleagues.

Although I don't want my girl to be a tear-about crazy child and I'm far from letting her get away with blue murder, I do want to foster in her some sense of power, encourage her ability to affect change, to negotiate , make choices and to (when appropriate) say, "No". I want her to be free and individual, independent and strong. Oh but balancing this rickety old see saw ain't gonna be easy!

So here's to you my honey bee....sugar and spice and all things nice (well most of the time) in my eyes. May you change the world!.....

And me, well I'm packing Mr.Terrible Two's bags and sending him on his way with a handful of these bikkies. On your bike....and don't come back!

Sugar and Spice Biscuits

125g butter

1 half a teaspoon vanilla

1 third of a cup of raw sugar

1 egg

2 tablespoons of wheatgerm

1 cup wholemeal plain flour

2 tablespoons, wholemeal self raising flour

1 third of a cup raw sugar, extra

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Beat butter and vanilla until creamy, add sugar, beat well. Add egg, beat only until combined, stit in wheatgerm. Stir in sifted flours. Roll mixture into small balls, toss in combined extra suagr and cinnamon. Place on lightly greased oven trays, press down lightly with a fork. Bake in a moderate oven for 10 minutes; cool on wire rack. Make sabout 35.

8 May 2011

Fancy Pants...when is recycling wrong?

I have a wee confession to make. Many silvery moons ago when I was a prep teacher I accidentally borrowed....,o.k. stole this man's shirt from the kiddies dress ups. Am I just the worst person ever?!!!! Now I have never stolen anything in my life. Honestly not a thing...that is until this shirt.

O.K. for what it's worth here's my logic. A: They had oodles of clothes (many donated by me I might add from numerous and often costly visits to op shops....am I redeeming myself a little?). B: I used it one day as a paint shirt when some little munchkin had absconded with my apron and took it home to be washed. And C: It looked trés fab with the collar up á la Audrey Hepburn and cinched in at the waist with a funky belt!!! Ah fickle fashion!

But what a stayer this number has been. It's been carted out year after year , makes friends so well with newer items and always makes me feel polished and funky....albeit a wee bit guilty.

And this Autumn has been no exception. Yank on my s & b black rats, and some fetching shoes and this kleptomaniac is feeling fine!

I hope you had a gorgeous Mumma's day and were indulged with heartfelt handmade burnt toast and cold tea and showered with glorious poppet love. Me...I had a day of magic with my loves. A new cookbook, some choccies and a shirt. New.....from a shop! Ha!!

Leggings: sass and bide

Booties: Sportsgirl

Belt: Sportsgirl

Shirt: Well we know the sordid tale here!

Check out what this classy gal is frocking up in today!

7 May 2011

Grateful for....Spontaneity

A morning of pottering! Round the shops (cinnamon donuts included!)....pottering through the local oppies unearthing treasures aplenty....pottering into a delightful yarn shop and then my favourite quilting shop...

Big, big sleep for my girl in her big girl bed. Hubby had a well earned snooze at my feet while I dusted off the sequel to my beloved Anne and did a spot of lounge crafting.

Spur of the moment pikelet making for afternoon tea. Pretty tablecloth, delicate china and silver teapot for an impromptu tea party with my lovelies.

Nothing planned....nothing overly organised....spontaneous.....heaven!

I'm joining in over at this lovely little spot of the world.

6 May 2011

My Creative Space - Tissue Cosies

I'm a cryer. Always have, always will be. Doesn't take much at all for me to feel that familiar sting in the eyes and for the waterworks to commence. I cry when others cry, when others are being brave and trying not to cry, I cry at happy things like old folks holding hands and sad things like hardly anyone turning up to someone's party. Oh my, the lip is quivering as I type.

This week I've been busy finishing off a few wee thank-you pressies for some delightful souls (hopefully not quite as emotional as me!). With a few vintage sheets, some embroidery thread and some Grand Prix driving on old Jan I whipped up quite a few little tissue holders. I must admit some are a little wonky than others but when you're nose is dripping like a tap during a replay of Steel Magnolias or Beaches are you really going to care? I think not.

But my all time bawl along movie would have to Anne of Green Gables. When Mathew buys her the sleeves with the "puffiest puffs in the whole world".....when Marilla and Mathew say goodbye to her at the train station.....when Mathew dies (oh there's some serious sobbing here!!!)....the list goes on.

And who am I kidding....as IF I only had one piece of slice!!! Grab this easy peasy yet to die for recipe over at this gorgeous gal's blog.

For other crafty and quite probably far less weepy souls pop into this lovely lady's place. I'll make you a cuppa and we could share a piece of Bren's slice...or three :)