28 Feb 2013

origami lotus flower

I have long been intrigued by the ancient art of paper folding. Nimble fingered souls smoothing fine, starchy papers into knife edge creases. Under a code like pattern of folds creatures evolve from their stagnant two dimensional beginnings to life like masses. Perhaps it is the intricacy; the neatness of such a craft that draws in this haphazard, helter skelter soul. The meditative qualities of order and structure are also appealing in this random often chaotic Mumma business. 

The task was to marry the meticulous and disciplined world of origami with my organic, raw and spontaneous approach to most all things I touch. With much cupboard scrounging, you tube watching and patience; oh so much patience a lotus bloom in crumpled brown paper grew. A folded, papery bloom to serve as a reminder that a methodical approach to life is one to be embraced at times. It's faded crimps and puckers to herald that perfection is not a necessary path to beauty.

What art forms inspire you?

Steph x

Cut 12 sheets of 13.5cm x 7.5cm crumpled brown paper (or perhaps a vintage pattern)
1. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half length ways. Unfold.
2. Fold all four corners toward this centre crease.
3. Fold both straight edges in to meet the centre crease.
4. Turn the paper over and fold it in half at the centre crease. This is one flower petal.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 to make another 7 petals.
6. Repeat steps 1-3. Do not turn the paper over instead fold the paper in half at the centre crease to make a leaf.
7. Make three other leaves.
8. With one leaf resting on the table stack two flower petals on top.
9. Repeat to make 4 stacks.
10. Join all stacks together in the middle with a rubber band.
11. Spread them out to form a flower shape.
12. Start by gently pulling up one petal at a time. Repeat til all the petals are upstanding.
13. Open the leaves gently and shape them upwards .

Joining in with these creative souls.

26 Feb 2013

clay mushrooms

As the cool air is starting to slowly lace its way through our everyday we are spending longer outside in the morning. The Summer sun has lost some of its sting making way for the most vivid of blue skies and longer periods of gentle shade. The grass is often damp and clusters of mushrooms can be found dotted about here and there. The colours and varieties fascinate us and ever we concoct stories of gossamer winged friends snoozing beneath them, tiny wooden fifes laying idle in their laps. There is a stillness about these mornings; a certain peace.

My knitting needles have a new found vigour and my basket has become a constant addition to the lounge room. It overflows with muted shades of earth, rust and slate. I while away slow days not only with gentle and rhythmic click clacking but much mulling over yarns and patterns. I have my eye on a drapey shrug for myself in a nubbly ecru, an earthy wooden buttoned vest for my littlest man and perhaps a charcoal head warmer for my beloved to keep him toasty on our ramblings. A Parisian inspired cardigan is already well on it's way for my blue eyed girl.

Vintage patterns have been sourced and op shops have been scoured. A rattan basket full of ginormous 60s frocks waits for transformation and a new butter soft leather bag now hangs in my cupboard.  An ombre scarf project is filling my daydreams and perhaps some tangerine clogs. Oh my!  I am holding true to my yearning to craft a beautiful Winter wardrobe with vintage finds and things created with my own hands or that of others. I am avoiding the flurescent lure of the department store.

The last of the stone fruit is being cajoled into jewel toned compotes for now and to freeze for later as we make room for dusky pears and crisp, juicy apples. I have a strong desire to perfect my Tarte Tatin this Autumn. We have pulled the pasta maker out from the back of the cupboard and my bread making journey is being guided by this fabulous companion

I adore standing on the edge of a new season peering over into it's beauty. The planning, the anticipation, the revival of senses and soul.  I feel the change in the air and I am eagerly breathing it in.

Are you heralding the change in season? What are you plans?

Steph x

We made more robust homes for our fairy friends using air dry clay. A ball was moulded into the mushroom cap and a sausage shape was tapered to become the stalk. Although we stuck these together before they dried some of them needed a little extra help to stick with the hot glue gun. We chose earthy tones and whiled away a slow morning painting them with spots and swirls. After they had dried our little clay mushrooms were given two coats of a spray varnish to seal them from the weather. My honey girl is convinced she has seen a little fluttery lady emerge from underneath one of them in our vegie garden.

24 Feb 2013

little things


Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.

There is a little hole...I simply must put my finger in it!
Mixing the perfect shade of teal green for a little stamping project. Delicious morning sun.
A wee feather blew into my laundry and landed ever so quietly near my washing powder.
Planting trees.
A rainbow of squish at my favourite yarn shop.
A corner of our bedroom made all the more lovely with my original watercolour from Ruby. Her paintings of her sweet boy are exquisite! (My Papa made me the steel sunflower...I adore it!)
Giving our succulents a drink.

Joining in with the beautiful Em and the lovely Lou.

Steph x

23 Feb 2013


"A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou -  She stumbled down the hall still half asleep as I made muffins for breakfast. "Watcha baking Mumma? ....Can I help?"
Remy -  His first proper haircut. So very serious about it all.

Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.

Steph x

21 Feb 2013

little man shoes

His tiny hesitant steps have made way for confident, long legged strides. I will blink and he will be running. This I am sure of. These strong legs showed themselves before he greeted this world with much nudging and kicking from within his watery home.  His sister before him was the same.

With each step the world opens up to him and he; my little pilgrim is eagerly following these trails to new adventures.  I watch from the perfect distance. Such a distance as to let him scout about quiet in the gentle happiness that is exploring and yet close enough to scoop him up should danger rear her ugly head near him.

At times I see his knee flex and send a soccer ball soaring between white poles, or agile limbs navigate a skateboard precariously down a concrete bowl. I so dream that these feet will carry him around the globe. I hope they will trek the Great Wall of China, kick dust up on The Cinque Terre, dance the tango in the grand marble halls of the Palais Garnier (like his Mumma and Dadda did!).  May they feel sand, dirt, cool water and rock. After many adventures may they return home to this magnificent land.

But for now, may they feel the warmth and safety of little leather soled shoes and be protected from life's stumbles by the grandest of loves.

Steph x

Remy's soft little feet needed coverage on our many adventures. Knowing his feet will grow so very rapidly I hesitated at the cost of a new pair.  Ever trying to "make do" I used the Teeny-tiny-goody-two-shoes pattern by Allison Lark from Meet Me At Mike's by Pip Lincolne to make him a wee pair. I slightly enlarged the pattern to cater for his big hoofs and added a soft suede soul rather than material to give him protection from nasty, spiky things (Sewing with the soft leather was easier than I thought and just required some slow, careful stitching and lots of little snips on the curves to help ease it all together). Some stripey scraps and a whisker of denim from my fabric basket and off he goes!

Joining in with these lovely souls.

20 Feb 2013


Corn on the cob. Lashings of salty butter are an absolute necessity.
A few stray mangoes meet their demise in the blender with a tin of coconut milk, a dash of maple syrup and a sprinkling of chia seeds. This spotty concoction transforms in the freezer to heavenly ice blocks. Every last drop will be savoured.
2 cups of organic apple juice brought to the boil, removed from the heat and married with 3 and a 1/2 teaspoons of gelatine. The new found companions are muddled together with a fork til they become one.  Once set, these wibbly-wobbly honey coloured cubes are joined by double cream and slivered almonds.
Sweet dates butterflied open and smeared with ricotta cheese. Sometimes we like our ricotta dotted with those minuscule jet flecks only vanilla bean can add.
Popcorn frazzled in heaven scented coconut oil and sprinkled with sea salt flakes.
I cup of sushi rice is absorption cooked then cooled on a tray in the fridge. It is tumbled into a bowl with a small tin of tuna, black sesame seeds, a whisker of rice wine vinegar and snips of nori. With damp hands gently squish and roll little balls of sticky rice. Devour many, many of these with whole egg mayonnaise. Watch in amazement at how many your one year old can consume!
Chunks of vibrant melon frozen and utterly delicious.

There has also been the not so occasional raiding of the cooking chocolate stash when no one is looking. Oh the shame! How about you. What are you snacking on?

Steph x

18 Feb 2013

our fossicking beach

A suburban home is where we have landed. It is humble yet all we need. It provides shelter from hammering rain, howling wind and burning sun. We nourish our bodies here and feed our souls. But lately we have been treading on new pathways with bare feet and open hearts. In our efforts to bloom completely where we are planted we are dipping our toes into new waters. Beautiful corners of our world are unearthing themselves to us and we are eagerly peering inside.
Our fossicking beach is one such treasure we frequent as the sun begins it's journey westwards.  An alabaster carpet of tiny shells greets us and crunches beneath our toes. The tide escorts many offerings to the land and it's gentle lapping brings much needed renewal to not only the shore but our limbs and minds. Our basket is soon overflowing with shells, driftwood and sea glass, our hair is wind swept and our cheeks are ruddy. The cares of the day have unawares to us been whisked away on the gentle sea breeze leaving us at peace. Our bellies rumble.
As the sun wields her watercolour brush against the sky we gather together on our picnic blanket and devour flaky fish and hot, salty chips.  We chat about our love of this planet and all it's incredible bounty. We share a juice and laugh as Remy plants himself firmly in the pile of chips rising with stray crumbs clinging to his bottom. The wind picks up and it is time to collect our belongings and head home.  Our basket is heavily laden with many treasures, our hearts are light with many more.
Steph x
Our fossicking beach is at Sandgate and although we never swim here for fear of being picked up by the sea lice and carried out into the deep blue, it is close to home and satiates our need to feel the ocean underfoot. We would adore to live near the cerulean surf but for now we potter around this treasure filled landscape and enjoy the now.