30 Jan 2012

Me Own Serf!

When I was a wee kipper I was known to be a tad on the stubborn side and ridiculously independent! As an adult I like to call myself..ahem...determined and motivated. The story goes that I followed directly in the path of my own Papa Bear whose catch phrase as a young fellow was, "Me Own Serf!" (translated to mean, "I'll Do It By Myself!). The uncanny thing is that as a babe my saying was, "My Own Self!" in answer to any offer of assistance. Great minds hey?!

Well after drinking in all the magic that is this book and running out of little scraps of paper to mark which projects I'd love to tackle....I decided to make a beautiful Waldorf/Steiner doll for my honey girl. Me Own Serf!!

Oh no sir-ee! This lass couldn't pop online and purchase said doll from some gorgeous and super experienced doll making soul from etsy or other land of crafty goodness.Oh no no no! I like to torture myself with endeavours that will no doubt illicit a cacophony of very colourful language before the end. Me Own Serf!!!

After tracking down all the required materials and reading the instructions through a million times I took the plunge......a week before I went into labour with Monsieur Remoulade. Quelle madness!! (And the madness deepened given that I packed this project (her head to be exact!) in my hospital bag whilst in labour in the hope I'd whittle away at it in the hospital when the little man was born. Ha!!!)

Well needless to say that this little mademoiselle's noggin never caught a glimpse of my hospital room nor has breathed the free air at our house. Instead being holed up in my craft cupboard Rapunzel style where I spy her on occasion and guiltily stuff her further from view, Wicked Witch that I am.

But with both my babes asleep at the same time....(insert that cupped hand sound you used to do to replicate a crowd cheering!) the time has come to get her out and begin finishing her off.  Me Own Serf!!!

20 Jan 2012

The Lounge Room

Over the last while I have found I have been nesting with the zeal of a libido driven bush turkey!

I'm not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination. For example, just finished vacuuming and find a stray dust bunny near the lounge....pick it up and drop behind said lounge and avert eyes and walk away whistling....I mean, who really looks behind there anyway?

But lately I have found a need to make the space where I spend most of my days one which is clutter free,  comfortable and most importantly...lovely to be in! As a stay at home Mumma I feel like my home is akin to my office or desk and when it's bland, chaotic and uninspiring I feel like I'm in the eye of a storm just waiting for the eerie silence to subside before I'm engulfed in the madness, whisked away never to be seen in my former self again!

So to the place where I plonk my derrriƩre three hourly through the day and more than I'd like at night...the lounge. This creative lass's book has some brilliant ideas none more so than this cushion pattern which quite frankly is pure genius!

I kid you not! The four square cushions took about an hour to cut, sew and plop on the lounge.

Using some yummy yellow and lime vintage sheets and some green, cream and lemon men's shirts picked up for tuppence at the 50% off men's wear at the local oppie I managed to make our lounge smile.

And that is saying something as this is the chair I primarily feed Remy on and hence it spends the better part of most days with milk in some digested form splashed across it's flanks. On that note...people often recoil in horror when they see we have a white lounge...with small children! But heavy duty cotton drill slip covers are magic as they just zip off, have a rock'n'roll in the washing machine, hang all easy breezy in the sunshine and back on the lounge all sparkly new again. Can't imagine too many lounges that can squeeze into your trusty washing machine!

The obsession with vintage sewing baskets is also getting a wee bit out of hand. Last count...6!
But they do look heaven next to the lounge stocked full of crafty projects I'll hopefully get around to doing when I'm not jersey cow 24 hours a day. (Note: love it and wouldn't change it for the world but Geez Louise what I'd give for one feed off!)

And to complete my latest nesting extravaganza...some black and white wedding piccies in an old casement window which we turned into a frame.

This space makes me beam! What nesting have you been up to?

17 Jan 2012

Living the Good Life

Finding just the right spot for this vintage lovely (ta very muchly Secret Santa Mel)....

Sighing in awe at this woman's voice...absolutely magic.....

 Rekindling my vintage clothing obsession and trying to cajole my milk laden ample top half into a thirties slip. Oh the humanity! Mon dieu...didn't those women have boobs?!!

A wee something for the little man...

And something for moi....oh, I love a revamp!...

Smiling at all these teensy little suits even though their number is the result of a happy chucker bubby who seems to bring up more than he keeps down.....

Kissing the gloriously chubby cheeks of Monsieur Remoulade (hubby calls him Monsieur Tub-O-Lard!) and being content he is indeed getting a meal full.

12 Jan 2012

Blue Girl

Last Sunday my girl....my beautiful blue girl... turned three.

 A simple morning tea with her favourite blue plate... a bejewelled crown fit for a queen....

Blue dinosaur bunting (cut out at a quarter to six on Sunday morning after an early morning milky cuddle with Monsieur Remoulade...aka Remy as Mumma felt a wee bit guilty that there were no party decorations.)

And a blue dinosaur cake.....ROAR!!! I do declare that this fellow consumed the remainder of the packet of freckles whilst I was decorating him. Pesky fellow!

Make a wish my blue girl.....may you touch the stars my beloved.