14 Apr 2013

little things


Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.

Rainy afternoon play while all my loves slept. *
An impromptu bush walk. The very best kind.
Rusty tin roof. Sky alight.
We have raspberries!
He made me hot chips. 

Steph x

 .Joining in with the beautiful Em and the lovely Lou.
* My beautiful pin cushion is from Moose and Bird.


  1. Tomorrow I am going to make my own pin cushion...you've inspired me once again lady. And raspberries! i am jealous. x K


  2. What a pretty collection of photos, lovely memories.

  3. Beautiful Steph. Thank-you for sharing my pincushion, you are so lovely!
    I love Bijou's pretty blue sandals and those raspberries look delicious.
    I hope your week is a lovely one. Melinda x

  4. I love the blue of those sandals! I got to play a little with some sewing for my twins while they slept this weekend....was so excited!!
    Aren't homemade chips just the best!!!

  5. beautiful, simple, sweet, straight forward. just the right amount of beauty. love your stills this week.

  6. Beautiful and poetic pics, those blue sandals on the green grass are very evocative...

  7. Such gorgeous photos, Steph! Each one of them with their own peace.

  8. bah...those pins and that cushion...deeee-vine! Oh a man that can make chips is a keeper for sure! such simple sweetness as always dear Steph x

  9. Sensational! I love that the pins in the cushion look like 100s & 1000s - I love the tin roof and sun(set/light). I love it all, really! :)


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