29 Sept 2013



A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou - Sunday morning shenanigans in Mumma and Papa's bed.
Remy - This is the face of a little egg loving boy whose plate is being piled high with more.

Steph x

Nona is exquisite in all nostalgic black and white and this little sunflower baby is a ray of sunshine.
Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.

26 Sept 2013


Spring cleaning and all its cathartic ways bring a sense of renewal to heart and home.  This time around though it has brought with it an unwelcome feeling of wanting. Those too small, too worn, too old garments have made ample room for new lovelies and the bookshelf now rid of unread volumes yearns for new sumptuous texts.  Even the kitchen in all her simplicity has fallen into the trap of only feeling completely overhauled if new linen tea towels in colours of jute and stone hung just so from their hook. Thick, hand blown French glassware gracing the table would complete the Spring cleanse.

All about me there are images vying for my consumerist attention. Meticulously styled magazine editorials lure me with crisp bed linens and home wares in muted shades while Etsy never fails to fuel my desire for edgy artworks, artisan jewelry and vintage oddments that satiate the "wanting".  I quite simply have fallen from grace with my make do and mend philosophy and have been bookmarking all things new and shiny.

Deep in the sludge of "wanting but not being able to have" I have huffed and puffed about all we were lacking. And how everything would be better with this pair of shoes and that absolutely essential new rug.  A serendipitous card from our World Vision sponsor child gave me the sharp slap I needed as I took in the enormity of our abundant existence.  At its most basic level we turn on a tap and fresh, clear water flows freely and a bounty of  nourishing and delicious food is at our fingertips. We have not only clean and warm shelter but a personal space peppered with treasures and luxuries unfathomable by many people of this globe.

My eyes are still inevitably drawn to pages of pretties and the desire to hold them close will most likely never completely wane but I view my world a little differently today. As I move through my home I look upon each possession, each facet of my daily life and I am overwhelmed by the abundance. We want for nothing of any importance. And for this I am incredibly grateful.

Steph x

23 Sept 2013

little things - her photos

Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.

I have always believed that if we hand our babies the right tools and ample knowledge they are capable of most anything. These pictures taken by my baby bird make me feel more passionate about this ideal than ever. Her images were all taken on manual with her adjusting this and that as she saw fit....she is 4!

A palette of rust and ochre.
Mumma's giant flower hat.
The Aussie bush with a sky tinged with Summer.
Wild and free...and oh so adored by her.
Mr. Bearded Dragon sunning himself.
Weaving sticks.

Steph x

Joining in with the beautiful Em.

22 Sept 2013


A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou - She wore a panama hat just so and set off  like a modern day Katherine Hepburn. 
Remy - Carrot, orange and ginger juice. There was not a lot of sharing.

Steph x

Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.

20 Sept 2013

the out breath

A sprawling mess of spring blooms plucked by my girl. Mere weeds to many, shades of purple to her. Kindy sheets in the washing basket signalling not only the end of Term 3 but the cessation of "sleeps" in preparation for big school. Rearranging this and that and pottering about our home with gentle intention. Wooden wind chimes on the breeze and an out breath.

The weekend, the school holidays....the promise of cups of tea in bed amongst crumpled bedlinen and healing babies padding about in bare feet. A birdhouse waiting to be hung in just the right branch and fresh sand in the sandpit. New books to read, a row or two of knitting and time in green places.

What are your plans this weekend? May your days be slow and delicious.

Steph x

19 Sept 2013

the nature table


It was a space we deemed unnecessary, nor had the room to fulfil.  Surely it would clutter our already bustling home? Pinterest defeated us with grand images of overflowing spaces; silks and gnomes aplenty where natural treasures filled large vessels balanced on areas as big as our dining table. Perhaps a tiny table and our fossicked shells and feathers would suffice. We took it slowly as we often do and let our nature table unfold and reveal itself to us. And now...

We go gently through this world treading a careful path to places of green, our baskets in tow.  We collect snippets of this and that as gentle reminders of our travels and of the beauty we were immersed in.  Like museum curators we display them on a rickety old table, time worn and filled with stories of yesteryear. Thrifted wooden and clay bowls are filled with nature's jewels and round glasses magnify every crease and curve. Literature is sourced to answer questions and wool and cloth come out to play.

As our day sails us past this space we pause often. At times we linger and peruse our natural gallery with enquiring minds and gentle hands. Often stories are concocted with shells and stones and handmade friends. Always we run textures through our fingers and move the pieces about as we sort and appreciate.  Yes, the space is more cramped and looks grander and more open plan without it but our hearts' rewards far outweigh the sacrifice of space.

An ever changing collection of wonders and life that grows richer with each of our journeys. One which bends with the change of seasons. It is ever evolving and growing like the places from where our treasures were first plucked.

Do you have a nature table? Perhaps a tiny shelf or a simple basket.....

Steph x

15 Sept 2013


"A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou -  Last week's nasty fall was followed by a terrible virus that left this poppet mostly bedridden. Playing peek-a-boo with her baby brother...so lovely to see her smile again.
Remy - Eating blackberries and cream and not wasting a single drop.

Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.

13 Sept 2013

sling diaries - wisdom

At birth our jouney lay before us. A gently trodden path made safe and negotiable by our ancestors.  Either side were ancient trees murmuring tales of connection, unitedness and love.  The trail took turns and bends and led us uphill and downhill as all good adventures do. Our colour palette was muted and subtle and our breath was slow and deep.  It was a simple journey.

Over time, the lure of bright and sparkly things led us away and we fossicked amongst Aladdin's jewels for a time.  Treasures filled out pockets and our once effortless meandering began to err on laborious. Seasons passed unnoticed and shiny trinkets lost their certain glow.  The earth about us became dry and bleached of life and our bodies grew weak from lack of true nourishment. Our desires went unsatisfied and we searched for new ways to draw possessions towards us.  We fell into a robotic trance of earn, spend, earn, spend and time was sucked into the vacuum of consuming.

We strayed from the lushness of a simple life too long. Our weary bones, no longer nourished by accumulating wealth and chattels, urged us to retreat to places of calm. To return to the simple path.

As I watch my own babies come into themselves deep in a simple world I see their innate wisdom.  The truths we have forgotten. Their hands instinctively reach for natural textures and they linger in places of growth; of life. The subtle changes in the weather warrant their notice and they are ever eager to thrust their hands into the cool, rich earth. Their taste buds are enlivened by nature's bounty and they breathe deeply. Their joy at the world around them is palpable.

Gentle rhythms of the day, the seasons, the years wash over them and they bend and sway effortlessly to the changes. Oh, we have so very much to learn from these wise souls.

Steph x

Remy and I are pottering about our garden as we often do and he is snuggled in the Luxe Baby Sling in Tesoro by Sakura Bloom. These images were taken by our lovely friend Shane Shepherd.

This is my final entry for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaires and I have relished every minute of it. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity and have been blessed by many new and beautiful friends. Thanks so much for joining me on this adventure.

12 Sept 2013

down time

This week has been a slow one. Each day drips into the next with no definitive beginning or end.  The babies and I have taken a long tumble into the land of fevers, watery eyes and general malaise.  A change of season flu to rival all has brought my Spring cleaning frenzy to a dramatic halt but with the risk of sounding melancholy, perhaps it's just what I needed.

Our favourite books have been read and reread and lay in leaning piles all about the home and my knitting basket has never been far from reach. Lemon myrtle and tea tree oils have been burning constantly and for once I have stopped to deeply inhale their vapours. Whilst coffee is calling to ail weary eyes and limbs, ginger and lemon tea has been my beverage of choice; I listened to my heart. We haven't stepped foot out of the house for nearly a week and time has been spent lounging about in the fresh air under the trees and sleeping. Time has slowed.

Usually I operate like a wooden spinning top all speed, teetering balance and efficiency as I carve giant slices out of "to-do" lists. But this week I've toppled off my axis and have found an unsuspected nourishment in stilling myself.  Lying in shavasana for quiet moments throughout the day has led me to my breath and it's ragged, hurried nature. At first I struggled to keep my body still for any period of time and my thoughts were a raggle taggle bunch. With practise I have enabled my mind  to slow somewhat and breathe healing oxygen deep into my lungs. Although my body is convalescing, the grinding halt that has fallen about me has brought a certain peace.  I feel more in tune with my body and have learnt a little more about slowing it.

Steph x

8 Sept 2013

little things

Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.

An impromptu coffee with my boys.
Always busy. And his harmonica is never out of arm's reach.
Farm animal shenanigans.
This hanger makes me smile daily. 
Stretching the beauty of blooms as far as we can.
Vast creamy limbs and blue, blue sky.

Steph x

Joining in with the beautiful Em.

7 Sept 2013


"A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou -  A nasty tumble ended with a trip to the emergency department to check for a broken nose. Thankfully it's only one very bruised nose and two blackening eyes. My poor baby bird.
Remy - His little alfalfa sprout.

Beautiful Clementine finding her toes...oh my!  And this little water babe is pure magic.
Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.

Steph x

5 Sept 2013

spring flowers

The grass is drier in the mornings now. In our veggie garden seedlings are sending strong roots downwards and the air about us feels alive with possibilities.  Cupboards have been perused with a "tsk tsk" as linens and clothes bulge and tumble from their shelves. Cotton sheets will replace flannelette ones and winter woollens will be hand washed and tucked away until King Winter visits again. I have occupied my quiet cups of tea time with list making in crisp new notebooks and every surface is cringing as I cast my scrutinising gaze about.My girl, well she is all bare feet and chasing rainbows as she calls me to jump on the trampoline. There is time.

So many tasks to tick off a spiralling cleaning list but for now I will pause and savour the change in the air. I know only too well that my whirlwind of Spring fervour will hand me a change of season cold or flu. The days will also speed by masked by an efficient flurry of nothing terribly important.  I will drink in her colour and energy. There is time.

Tiny fingers point out pops of tangerine, fuscia and buttermilk and tinier ones simply can't resist plucking them for Mumma, roots and all. They fill jam jars, china milk jugs and green glass bottles and imbue our home with scent, colour and life. Gentle flowers that fade quicker than we would hope remind me to walk slowly on this journey and relish quiet days with my babies. They too will bloom and I will watch them gently unfurl. There is time.

Steph x

We made a Spring flower garland using strips of calico. Pieces roughly 5cm x 50cm were dampened with water and then folded gently along the long edge. The poppets enjoyed dipping first one edge in watercolours and then the other. When they were dry we folded them fan like and tied the bottom together with twine unfurling them a little to make a flower shape. These delicate blooms were then strung onto a long piece of twine and draped in pretty places.