19 Apr 2013


Oh Friday evening and all the promise of restorative pottering that comes with the weekend dawn. Perhaps we'll bunker down and fill the kitchen with smells of spice and stewing fruit. I've got my sights set on bubbling a pot of this on the stove and then slathering it on market fresh sourdough. My knitting basket may well be emptied of my honey girl's first knit of the season as a gentle afternoon to-ing and fro-ing along silvery needles will complete it. And then there's delicious vintage fabrics longing to be conjured into frocks for wee ladies. The vacuuming can wait another day.

Or will this weekend bring adventure. A slow amble amongst time worn pretties; precious trifles from yesteryear.  The hiss of a coffee machine and cheerful banter with laid back, funky dressed folk. Books would be perused, some purchased and brought home in brown paper bags. Later with fingers curled around china tea cups they would be slowly and ceremoniously opened to let the wondrous feeling of a new collection of verse linger. I would love to bring India Flint's ethereal and utterly inspiring text home and perhaps the next chapter of Sarah Napthali's gentle Buddhism for Mothers series for Mumma soul nourishing.

Time to slink about in marle grey leggings and his socks. Taking turns to ask, "Shall I put the kettle on?". Lazy, rejuvenating stillness and no plans. Block play and harvesting ruby red tomatoes. A road trip to plan. Fossicking out new little nooks of our lady city. A new skirt perhaps. I wonder where the Autumn breeze will take us.

What are your plans for this precious new weekend? May it be grand lovely friends.

Steph x


  1. Oh your plans sound divine. Love the look of that jam and the sound of that coffee. I especially love the idea of having them both with a good book, but unlikely I feel. I too am trying to finishing Sarah Napthali's book, but I started it well over a year ago. I just keep dipping in and out!

  2. You've described a combination of weekend loveliness that sounds perfect to me Steph... pottering around the home, exploring a bit and spending time with loved ones is wonderful for the soul. We have a quiet day planned tomorrow and Sunday we have an adventure planned. wishing you the loveliest of weekends xx

  3. I just bought that book, and I can't wait to receive it in the mail. Your weekend plans/lack of plans sound just perfect! We're headed into spring here and I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt and push the littles on the swing.

    May you have that slow motion beautiful kind of weekend!

  4. How lovely to do all those things you describe, sounds like an excellent weekend ahead. We will be collecting firewood, going to the town picnic races to show the boys how fast horses can run and snuggling under blankets of an afternoon when it gets really chilly and we'll eat popcorn and watch a movie - most likely Horton Hears a Who. X

  5. You have it all planned out! And it sounds perfectly relaxing and stimulating at the same time. I'm hoping to scour some garage sales, go for a nice long walk and maybe cook up some chokos gifted from our neighour (what on earth does one do with chokos?)

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend! :)

  7. Oh Steph I love how you write. I was totally lost in your words and didn't want them to end. Your weekend does indeed sound blissful xx


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