16 Apr 2014

autumn - home

It's raining outside. Not a downpour, just a barely there drizzle only audible as car tyres spray it about. Thankfully the temperature has dropped a little and the air inside warrants a cotton wrap about my shoulder; Autumn is showing herself.  My beloved is snoozing on the rug and in a stroke of luck, both the babies are napping also. All is pleasantly still.

A candle flickers in the breeze, an open window, and I inhale frankincense, sandalwood and mandarin vapours. Their warming scent promotes contemplation, focus and happiness. Tomorrow I might burn cedarwood and rosemary to bring in the new day.

It's almost time to haul out the blankets from the linen cupboard for a wash in eucalyptus infused liquid and
a sun bathe. An eclectic collection of secondhand, crocheted and pure wool beauties brought back to life with homemade binding to encase raggedy edges.  Early Spring sees me packing them away but come Autumn, I wash them and add one to each of our beds. Maybe tomorrow if the sun is shining.

By the door is evidence of a little thrifting adventure. A collection of wicker, twig and woven grass baskets in earthy hues for toys and knitting supplies. And small pottery beakers for freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning and warm honey milk in the afternoons. An intricately carved table, an exciting find, now sits beside my bed awaiting a cup of tea. Perhaps now before everyone wakes on this perfect Autumn afternoon.

Steph x


  1. beautiful description of a perfect day, even with the rain, I love the rain,

  2. How beautifully written....I can imagine it perfectly. Enjoy your cup of tea and the stillness in the rain.

    We're still waiting for spring to truly arrive. It's been a long winter but I always yearn for early autumn days.

  3. Beautiful moments of autumn, looks thoughtful and at peace!



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