23 Oct 2015


This weekend I will

  • potter about in the kitchen, moving this, culling that. The blender and juicer are used daily now the weather is warming and they need to be in easy reach. There's been a strawberry smoothie most afternoons with chia seeds and maca powder for energy. Mmm, can't wait for the mangoes!
  • make a giant bowl of bircher muesli to last over a few days. It's been lovely to embrace mornings with a bowl of this cool, sweet mix. I use this recipe but replace the cow's milk with almond or rice milk and serve with fresh blueberries. 
  • strip the veggie garden, turn the soil over and peruse all the seed packets. Those last few cherry tomatoes, a few leggy kale plants and some rainbow beetroot are all that's left. I look forward to salad leaves, zucchini and eggplant, heaps of basil and heirloom tomatoes.
  • find new homes for most of the indoor plants. Sigh. Our littlest love is a dirt and leaf eater and while I wholeheartedly believe in her exploring the world fully, there is only so many times a Mumma can sweep a floor.
  • Collect basket loads of fallen jacaranda flowers just because. They'll inspire some weekend creativity, of that I'm sure.
  • Sit and read. I've had this on my bedside table unopened for too long.
May your weekend give you some peace, a little solitude and some clarity for the coming week.

Steph x


  1. Such beautiful photos. And soothing words, reading them was like a breath of fresh air! I have so many things on my to-do list (in my head -too many to write down!) but actually I'm going to take some time out to slow down, get back to basics, clear out a little physical space, nourish the body and soul before I get to work on the list... Your weekend sounds lovely.

  2. It sounds like a beautiful weekend planned. Gorgeous photos lovely. xxx

  3. I love reading your lists. They sound so much like mine. Might begin to write some down too. Horray for summer gardens and jacarandas and warm days. Wish I was around the corner dear friend. I miss you! xx

  4. Lovely photos & I agree with dancing in the rain -so soothing to read.. hope you had a lovely weekend.


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