31 Aug 2015

on the last day of Winter...

On this last day of Winter ...

~ I constantly scooped up my baby girl and squeezed her tightly. I'm hoping to imprint her baby hood on some part of my psyche as it whirs past with each new day. She is days off mastering crawling replacing her commando shuffle of the last few months with a jerky all foured movement. It is delicious to watch as it excites and frustrates her in equal measures.

~ sprigs of jasmine grace the table. Our back neighbours have a thriving vine that is sending fragrant tendrils over our fence. When the breeze is just right, the yard is flooded with that heady white scent of Summer; iced mint tea, barefoot gardening and days at the beach are not far off.

~ Christmas lists were started. With an intent to give mindfully for not only the recipients but the planet we're favouring handmade. And so we turn to our kitchen, our garden, our hands. There's jam to be made - perhaps a marmalade this year.  Will we need more jars?  And then there's a pile of dishcloths to knit. Easy to make they are always a welcome gift.   A mud kitchen is in the making for the babies as is a woodworking basket. A few knitted farm animals peaking out of our wee one's stocking will be sure to bring chubby handed claps of joy.

~ Strawberries were eaten with gusto. With so many around at this time of year we are savouring them fresh from the punnet or chopped with a tiny drizzle of good balsamic vinegar and runny cream. The surplus are being stockpiled in the freezer for smoothies. (be sure to freeze them on a tray first and then when frozen, tumble them into a large container).

~ there was much hope in the coming of Spring. The veggie garden will produce new flavours for our kitchen, and with any luck, the germs of Winter may leave for a time. Creativity seems to thrive like our seedlings in the warmer weather and I feel renewed and invigorated. So many possibilities.

As the sun lingers in the sky longer over the coming weeks what adventures do you have planned? Amidst the busyness of Spring cleaning I do hope you find time to walk barefoot on the grass and turn your face to the sun.

Steph x


  1. Look how much your little one has grown, such precious moments of baby hood which can seem so fleeting. Christmas list making will be happening here next week I think too before it comes upon us all too quickly. xxx

    1. So, so fleeting! I'm trying to drink it all in. And yes, the Christmas rush will be upon us in no time. Hope all is well lovely soul xxx


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