30 May 2014

TuShare - a sharing community

Recently my friend shared a story of her Nana that warmed my heart. It was during the great depression and with her husband away at war she brought her first babe home from hospital alone. Rather than face the daunting and unending task of stretching her pennies whilst raising her child single handedly, the ladies of her street rallied. Their own nests had been carefully scrutinised and household necessities were salvaged. Towelling nappies, sheets and even food coupons were selected from already meagre supplies and were shared with much grace and generosity. It was the way people did things. A walking past your own front gate and offering a hand; a sharing community.

Whether it is the tempo or the demands of modern life that have seemingly driven us back inside our four walls but the concept of community is skewing, and not for the better. What with anything and everything simply the click of a button away with credit, convenience is trumping our sharing spirit and sadly our desire to mend and make do is being eroded.

But innovative souls are harnessing the undeniable power of this technological age and marrying it with grass roots philosophies.  Tu share is such an organisation. Through the incredible reach of the Internet an altruistic energy is passed on to thousands as people can share their unwanted items with those that need them for free. From the 1st to the 5th of June they are launching their first ever Flash Share with a goal of sharing 5000 items in a single week.To be involved you simply find some unwanted items around your home, log on using your smart phone and share a picture and some details. Tushare will connect you with people who need your item and they can either collect it from you or Tushare will organise secure and easy delivery at the cost of the receiver (with special Tushare rates).

With reuse and recycle as its core philosophy this initiative is something that heartens me greatly. Filled with community spirit and providing a good excuse for decluttering this is a wonderful opportunity to extend a hand..We have hunted out a pile of unwanted household goods and I so look forward to sharing them. What might you share?

Steph x


  1. I'm so happy to see that you're sharing too! A wonderful initiative and so lovely to be part of a likeminded community x

  2. this is an exciting and much needed program, we have a similar one in our city here, it was much needed, I hope you and your family are well,


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