27 Mar 2013


Smooth and lustrous.
Mottled brown, teal and beige.
Fragile incubators of life.
Symbols of new growth; of love.
Busy, eager hands cajoled to gentleness.
Breath slowed, time stilled for a while.
Garden fossicking; leaf plucking.
Pungent brews of magenta and azure.
Such patience.
Careful threading and shiny pride filled eyes.

Steph x

We used a needle to gently pierce a hole in each end of our quail and chicken eggs, moving it around to widen the hole (the chicken eggs proved to be quite hardy so little chips around the hole were needed). A  skewer was inserted into the egg to "scramble" the contents making it easier to blow. After a few casualties we were mindful to grip the egg very gently trying hard not to squeeze as we blew. The shells were then washed under a running tap and any remaining water was blown out. Small leaves were gathered and adhered to the eggs with a little dab of water. A square of old stocking was carefully wrapped around and tied with string. Our dyes were made by boiling red cabbage and then beetroot until the water was heavily pigmented. A good splosh of vinegar was added to the beetroot and half of the cabbage water (it will change to a beautiful deep pink). Bicarb soda was added to the remaining cabbage brew and with the stir of a spoon it turned a gorgeous teal blue. The eggs were submerged in the dye in old jam jars and weighted down with a few rocks. We let them steep for most of the day. They were carefully removed and allowed to dry in the sink resting on a cake cooler. Embroidery thread was threaded from the bottom and up through the top. It was then passed back through the top and out the bottom where it was tied in a double knot. This formed a loop for hanging. We hung them on an old branch and then had a cup of tea while we admired them.

The twine nest was another little project we whiled away one sunny morning with. I'll share it with you soon.


  1. We're going to be doing this on Friday. Thanks for this Steph. x

  2. So, so beautiful Steph! We have our branch, waiting in anticipation, ready to adorn. The little snippets of nature added to the shells are simply stunning. Thank you for inspiring x

  3. Gorgeous, such beautiful photos!

  4. That nest is just so naturally beautiful! I love this Steph :)

    Sophie xo

  5. Beautiful eggs.

    I love that the broken ones even made it to the tree and I love the little birds nest.

    Just gorgeous.


  6. This is so lovely! I adore the egg blowing photo .... and let me guess, omelette for lunch? Kellie xx

  7. SO glad i found this blog. So beautiful & inspiring. Cant wait to find out how you made that wonderful nest. Thankyou, Rachel x

  8. Beautiful... so are the vintage mirrors in the background.


  9. Looks great! Love the botanical designs on the eggs.

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  10. So stunning! Just breathtaking! I'm looking forward to seeing how you made the nest.

  11. You are so inspiring with your beautiful and clever "makes". Have a magical Easter Steph xo

  12. oh wow steph, these are exquisite, the colours so earthy and raw. you have such patience! x

  13. Very creative I love your stuff :)

    Vintage Inspired Girls

  14. gorgeous steph! what magical memories you are making with your babes xx

  15. Everything is so beautiful about this! I love the styling of the eggs and tree branches.

    Your blog is great.


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