11 Feb 2013

rose sugar

A beauty hangs her head as if in shame.
With time weary limbs she feels her wonder fading...I see otherwise.
Scattered wisps of velvet, colours of a sunset.
Moisture depleting, scent still clinging.
Muddling together with snow white granules.
Tucked away to spread her delight to some morsel; some delicacy.
My girl adorning her with pride.

Steph x

We made rose sugar from a recipe in the sublime Limoncello and Linen Water by Tessa Kiros. Beautiful petals were dried then mixed with sugar and squirrelled away in a jar. We have plans for rose scented Madeleines....


  1. What a delight, such a beautiful piece of writing and magical infusion. I wear rose oil as a perfume, it is my favourite scent/flavour. I love floral sweets xx

  2. so heart this post. Poetry + images + perfect idea/craft. hope you have a lovely start to your week.xxoo

  3. such a beautiful mix of words and images, Steph xo

  4. A lovely way to preserve those pretty smelling roses.


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