12 Feb 2013

alfred and constance

Our weekends have taken on a gentle and happy routine over the last while. A day of pottering about at home to-ing and fro-ing between the kitchen, the garden, the shed and the swings. Slow days where I often squeeze in some sewing with one baby happily engrossed under foot whilst listening to squeals of delight from the other playing with her Papa. There are no great "to-do's" and the time seems to unfold organically taking us along whatever pathways seems best. There are always pancakes.

We wake the following day refreshed from yesterdays gentle, meandery ways eager to step out. There is usually no great destination perhaps a cafe we spied on our weekly travels, a little cave of a place all rustic and vintage pouring its heady coffee scent out onto unsuspecting folk. Or a park where we can spread our blanket and pick at this and that from a nearby market and revel at the fibrous canopy of branches interlaced above our heads.

All of these little nooks tucked amongst buildings and bitumen have satiated our early morning hankerings for good, good coffee. They have opened our eyes to this beautiful city and made us take notice of her growth. We have shared exquisite meals with our babies broadening their palates and indulging ours. There has been mandatory slurping of frothy milkshakes, quirky staircases climbed, stories told and much laughter.

Steph x

Recently we visited the eclectic and thoroughly entertaining Alfred and Constance for lunch. We devoured pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and fat, crispy chips and house made pork and fennel sausages toppling off a mountain of creamy mash. The coffee was superb as were the milkshakes. Time stood still as we wandered in and out of all it's colourful and theatrical spaces. We left grinning.

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  1. what a funny , playful little place. love finds like these...if we make it up to brisbane i'll have to remember to visit this spot. happy days to you x

  2. What wonderful adventures you have been having exploring our wonderful city. I love discovering new treasures. I love Bijou's blue shoes too. I've been meaning to buy myself some of these gorgeous shoes. xx

  3. I have been wanting to try Alfred and Constance...as the only people I have heard talk about it are the younger girls I work with who head there for cocktails, I didn't realise it was a family option at all!
    Thanks for the review...I am going to keep it in mind for this weekend!

  4. Mmmm, pulled pork sandwiches! Oh! Lovely images xx

  5. I love those saddles with bars...and turquoise blue saltwaters - I love the snow, but I can't wait to get my toes out again.

    Nina x

  6. I love places like these. Funny smells and all! xo

  7. These photos are amazing. AMAZING!! I never knew such a treasure of a place existed and it is now on my "go to" map before we move out of the area. Thank you so much for this post.

  8. what wonderful adventures you are making each Sunday! Oh I love getting out and about and finding a new place..or even re-visiting a loved one...although days at home indulging in cooking and family are heavenly too! what splendid photos you are taking too xx

  9. So love these pics and the idea of routines AND pottering around. xxoo


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