3 Feb 2013

little things

Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.

He is starting to climb...everything. His fingernails are always cherry stained.
A burnished sky and Chrissie decorations we just can't bear to pull down.
Without power for 48 hours. Such adventures!
A whisker of perfume in the kindy "home corner". She walked this new road with grace and ease.
Leaving little wispy seeds to scatter across the table in the afternoon sun.
Putting away her washing I spied her vintage doll's high chair. I may have cried.
Crochet loveliness at Two Trees espresso bar.
First he humours me....then he humours her. *
Sharing watermelon.

* Many trees have fallen around these parts due to crazy weather. Some large Camphor Laurel branches were begging to be brought home for...well, who knows what.

Joining in with the beautiful Em and the lovely Lou.

Steph x


  1. Loving the watermelon.. Our days are punctuated with watermelon breaks at this time of the year too. Funny, I thought you were in the US, but I guess looking at these pics maybe you are down-under too? Lisa x

  2. So beautiful. I love captured moments of beauty :)

  3. some lovely golden tones in your shots this week, Steph. they're all beautiful. Particularly loved the perfume one x

  4. That sweet little vase holding the seeds.
    Lovely photos.

  5. Beautiful shots this week, particularly love the hand in the first. You've captured some really lovely moments from your week.

  6. These are all so beautiful, but I have to tell you that the first one took my breath away! Lovely :)

  7. this made me tear up, i think its beautiful xxxxx

  8. Always so much beauty on your week!
    The light was wonderful for you.....

  9. I love that watermelon picture, you're really such an observant photographer x

  10. i love the wispy seeds shot. so nostalgic...

  11. ADORE! Love the sweet way you have captured your week. love. it.

  12. Your images are so beautiful Steph. I particularly love your pine cone garland. Have a wonderful week. Melinda x

  13. So glad your big girl settled in well to kindy... had been thinking of you both xx

  14. I do love having candles glow through the house, so magical. I am so glad to hear that Bijou enjoyed kindy, you must be so happy too. xx

  15. Grace and ease- gosh, i want to be in the kindy home corner too! I could do with some grace and ease!

    xo em


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