7 Feb 2013

pia jane bijkerk

I have long admired and been utterly inspired by the gentle ways of Pia Jane Bijkerk. Her words envelope me in all things good and hopeful and her images transport me to places of natural wonder and beauty; of calm.

This exceptional author of My Heart Wanders is embarking on an epic new adventure by self publishing her fledgling Little Treasures: Made By Hand using recycled paper. Without opening one of its pages or reading one of it's woven sentences I know it will be divine.

To lift this lovely being and her enchanting text up and over the financial finish line she has asked in her tender way for help.  Please go and explore the wondrous packages she has put together in return for a pledge of monetary support.  I have already pledged for two packages and could choose another in a snap. I would desperately love to attend one of the pottering, styling, feasting days she is offering for five kindred spirits so if any you lovelies are interested we could all join together. Let me know if you're keen....I'd be happy to travel.

This manuscript simply must not languish in her bedside table drawer nor should a grand dream be whisked away on the wind. I implore you to lend a hand. (Please feel free to repost this on your blog if you want to share the love) I'd love to know which package you chose.

Steph x


  1. oh so so delightful! what a lovely way to pay it forward to the talented artists of this world.

  2. Beuatiful Steph! Pia is such an inspiration, I'm planning a post about Little Treasures too today. I chose the beautiful package with the paper boat press bowl. I would love to join a pottering, styling day too! Perhaps we can find a few more lovely friends to join us!
    Sophie xx

  3. Steph you are such a delightful soul finding inspiration and inspiring others to support a worthy cause...Pia's books sounds amazing. Oh how I wish I had not vowed to take a frugal approach this year why we build otherwise I would jump at chance for a stylish day out. Although perhaps I could sneak over and take a peak at a smaller contribution!

  4. I'm ordering my books too, sounds delightful. Steph, i would be very interested in the group activity, party of 5 in Sydney. I'd happily drive up & am pretty available with my husband working in Canberra this year. Farewell Brisbane, love Posie


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