10 Feb 2013

little things


Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.

 A heart shaped leaf.
My little naturalist discovery things of wonder. *
Glass jelly moulds how I covet thee.
Always side by side.
Watercolour magic.
Playing "Archimedes" at the sink for the longest time.
We placed our wedding rings in this antique filigree box and passed it around to all our guests. So many beautiful wishes were whispered into it. They are coming true.

Joining in with the beautiful Em and the lovely Lou.

Steph x

* This little fellow is a Verreaux's Skink, a small legged lizard. With those minuscule legs we almost mistook him for a baby snake.


  1. i totally thought that was a snake!
    Beautiful images -again x

  2. Your stills are gorgeous, and your blog a breath of fresh air xx

  3. Love all the nature shots. And the watercolour painting, it's a favourite in our house too.

    x Laura

  4. I did too! Gorgeous photos Steph, love the jelly moulds and the story of the wedding rings in that sweet box is really lovely. Enjoy your week x

  5. oh my goodness, just perfection! The watercolour pictures make my soul sing, kid's art is simply the very best of the best and that box is delightful with all its whispered love! beautiful post and images xxxx

  6. Beautiful Steph! I adore those jelly moulds. They are most definitely covetable. And how sweet are your two little friends always side by side. My little brother and I were exactly the same. He was devastated when I went off to kindy. Such a beautiful relationship to nurture. Happy days to you. Melinda x

  7. I love your photos and your blog Steph! So clever! How cool is that little skink?

  8. i am so inspired by these lovely, lovely photos. there is something so sweet and genuine in the way they are placed and put together. It is if I am a tiny fairy helping you make those dreams come true. thanks so for sharing. xxoo

  9. Glass jelly moulds- wow they are jewel like arent they. how special would a collection be.

  10. Such lovely snaps from your week. The little story of the box for your wedding rings is so beautiful!

  11. love the leaf, and the rings x

  12. Wonderful photos Steph, love the painting side by side - so very sweet. xx

  13. Oh your words, pictures and your blurb about you at the side is beautiful. I love this space and your nature loving warmth. Very sweet.
    I have a giveaway you maybe interested in. xxx

  14. Oh Steph I always enjoying stopping by your beautiful place, you always fill me with much happiness and inspiration. I'm so glad those wishes are all coming true for you:) Have a beautiful week. xx

  15. Looove the shot with the paint and the little hand! So good!



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