14 Feb 2013


Visions of a thread of words growing organically; a vine of letters brought to life by my hands alone. The strength of my fingers decided otherwise.
I banished my pride and asked him for help.
His gentle eagerness made me wish I had sooner.
Tumblers of Rosé on ice, candlelight, wire and hands.
A natural ebb and flow, lead and take, observe and do.
Delicate prose conveying sentiments we both hold dear. A beloved author.
Such a magic night.
Overwhelming pride at our creation.
Dances of joy.

Steph x

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. William Shakespeare
Our wire words were inspired by some we saw in Hans Blomquist's Natural Home.
Our gorgeous macrame hanger is from the wonderfully talented Pippa from ouchflower.


  1. what sweet lettering and beautiful imagery! have the loveliest of valentine's days. xo

  2. Just beautiful Steph! I love the quote, and I love the way it looks on the wall, so, so sweet! Well done to you and your muscly-fingered helper, I really love it! xxx

  3. Beautiful Steph. What a duo you two are. Happy days to you. Melinda x

  4. how delightful...I was keen to know what quote you wonderful folk were crafting! Good on you for asking for stronger hands Steph...sounds like it was meant to be...a collaborative approach! wishing you a weekend full of blissful fun and frolicking xx

  5. I used to be so stubborn, but now I look for him to "help" me. We both enjoy it so! This is a beautiful piece of work, so inspiring x

  6. Love that you made it together. Love the words. Love everything about this inspiring creation :-)

  7. oh, how gorgeous. and romantic. you two are kindred souls, I can tell.

  8. Oh Steph, it's beautiful as is the way it was made by you both... love it!!


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