4 Feb 2013

bread rolls

11 o'clock. Ants in the bread.
Deep breathing.
Finding a hidden silver lining. Going with it.
Eager helpers.
350g flour, a very heaped teaspoon of yeast, 1 dessertspoon of olive oil, large pinch of salt and 210ml warm water.
An old wooden spoon and a some soothing mixing of all the ingredients helter skelter.
5 minutes of kneading spongy dough. Relaxing my shoulders.
Squeezing, stretching and shaping. Turtles, mice, snails and snakes.
Letting them be for a whisker of time til they doubled in size. Sweep up a snowfall of flour.
A brush over with egg.
Head cocked as she sprinkles  black and white sesame seeds, pepitas and sunflower seeds.
Animal bread rolls brought to life.
15 minutes in a 220 degree oven to deepen their suntan and render them aromatic and hollow to the tap.
Slathered in butter and Vegemite whilst still warm.
Happy babies....full tummies. Triumphant Mumma.

Steph x


  1. yum!
    they look fabulous! oh and delicious!

  2. Oh YUM! I love freshly baked bread and the more melted butter the better!

    Sophie xo

  3. nicely done, they look delish! :)sarah

  4. Little hands, just wonderful. My son goes to a rural kindergarten and they use bread dough instead of play dough. They get to bake their makings and eat it for morning tea. Have a lovely week Steph xo

  5. I can smell the aroma now. Deliciously triumphant. Melinda x

  6. love how you write and your making lemonade from lemons
    PS Ants!!! Hate them!!!!

  7. Perfect solution! I recently had one of those moments with weevils in the rice just before dinner time - arghh!

  8. Oh Steph love your cooking rack...those rolls look divine (what about using odorless coconut oil in place of vegetable oil?......can't even pretend to like the stuff!....vegetable oil that is)

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it?! It was my great Nana's and she was a brilliant cook. I use coconut oil quite a bit but didn't know there was an odorless variety. I actually used olive oil so I should amend that. No vegetable oil in this house thanks to you lovely :) x

  9. Full bellies. Yumm. They look great. I needed a cow the other day. I gave the kids off milk - not winning mother of the year this week:)

  10. Way to turn the day around! I love the different shapes you made, the melted butter and vegimite looks heavenly! Hope you have a lovely week! xo

  11. lemons to lemonade. so wonderful! so glad for the kiddos that they got to help create this silver lining. way to go mama!

  12. Little hands and dough is a perfect combination, looks fun and tasty!

    xox Lilly

  13. Beautiful little rolls and a great way to get over the 11am ants in pants!

  14. Made me smile :) It can be messy with little hands, but they seem to love bread making. Every time we do pizza dough Julia insists on making her own one. What is it with the ant lately? We have a plague of sorts here too.
    By the way, I can highly recommend the Wiksten tank Steph. I made one in the holidays (must get around to taking some pics). It was so easy and many people asked me where I got it. I put it down to a great cut pattern. I'm planning to make more.

  15. ooh fresh bread rolls are the delightful, especially made with squishy little hands and into glorious animal shapes!! marvelling at your tenacity to see the silver lining! have a wonderful week Steph xx

  16. These look delicious! And what a fantastic idea to let the kids make their own shapes. I'm a recent follower of your lovely blog and am finding myself often inspired by the ideas you share to make and do with your little ones. Also intrigued with their lovely names, being a half French family. Are you also French?

  17. They look wonderful...I love the animal shapes!

    And the ants! They are everywhere over here!

  18. Steph these look absolutely delicious. You always do the most fun things with your little ones. xx


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