17 Feb 2013

little things


Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.

Discovering a little mushroom home tucked away in a little corner of the vegie garden.
Marvelling at a green caterpillar friend with her magnifying glass. Pretending to be one all afternoon.
Casting on my first Winter knit. The yarn is called Paris Night and here I sit on the back step click clacking whilst the babies play in the sandpit my head off in another beloved land. Oh we will take them there one day.
Our native bees swarming....again.
Boop, boop, boop.
Doily love.
He so wants to be a part of our everyday pottering and is now just big enough to join her in the Hi-Tot to make pizzas with Papa.
Shells and....well, shells at a lovely little cafe on our much loved Sunday adventures.
Making soup.

Joining in with the beautiful Em and the lovely Lou.

Steph x


  1. that pizza looks delicious! My Sunny bursts at the seams when it comes to helping in the kitchen :) I'm liking the colour of your knit... Have a lovely week.

    Sophie xo

  2. the colour of that yarn is beautiful and i didn't realise that native bees were so tiny. have a lovely week x

  3. That image of the bees swarming is amazing Steph. I didn't realise you had bees. Beautiful stills. x

  4. love, love! It is so wonderful watching one's littles grow and become each others friend. Your picture of the Winter knit makes me long to get out my needles as well! have a lovely start to your week and the perfect end to your weekend. xo

  5. just stopping by while randomly surfing...
    pretty, pretty.

  6. totally beautiful! your pictures are so lovely, don't you just love the way kddies want to help even whgen their little hands hardly reach to the counter top! sending love your way from the flight platform today xxx

  7. I have only just found your blog, your photography is amazing..really beautiful shots.
    I will have a good read of your past posts now whilst I enjoy my cup of tea.
    Glad I found you.
    Emma x

  8. Lovely lovely photos. The colour of your yarn is devine. And we love pizza making in our house too xo

  9. Doesn't that knitting look beautiful! Such a velvety colour. Caterpillarland looks like fun too! x

  10. Beautiful photos, love the colour of your yarn

  11. Oh Steph your week looks so lovely and peaceful!
    Ahhh Malabrigo, nothing like it! I adore the Paris Night colour way I am hoping to get some for a cardigan for myself!
    Little ones are so sweet when they 'make soup'.

    Have a wonderful week, lovely.

  12. wonderful peak into your week Steph! My two found a green caterpillar amounts the veggie box we got on the weekend and they were intent on keeping as a pet...they did get a few hours play before they released him back in the garden....such joy is nature! Have a splendid week knitting and dreaming of Paris xx

  13. I adore all of your gorgeous photos Steph. That photo of the native bees is just amazing. My Dad has several hives at home and I haven't seen them do that when I've been there. I'm hoping he will make a hive for me to have at home, I've been given a hint by my Mum, maybe I'll get one for my birthday:) Wishing you a gorgeous week. xx

  14. a week filled with so much love and beauty ... the bee swarming picture is wonderful x

  15. I adore that little cash register! Adorable! Did you make it Steph?

    I can't get Pippi out of her new PJ's, just so you know

    xo em

    1. It certainly is cute! It is by Janod and came with a set of wooden scales and fruit and veg. I think we bought it from ecotoy.com.au but I'm not sure. Love that Pippi loves her PJs...gorgeous girl! Hope all is lovely :) x


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