17 Feb 2014

the nappy collective

The world's tapestry is one of beauty, colour and life but also of hardship, injustice and neglect.  To fathom the suffering of others and offer assistance is often too much; the enormity is overwhelming and renders us still and useless.  Where do we start? Who do we help, and in what way? We question whether our minute contribution makes even the smallest dent in the healing and quite frankly in our despair, we are sometimes known to pass the buck to bigger corporations to bolster campaigns to make a "real" difference. Yes, large juggernauts have a serious role to play in helping their fellow man but it is also the duty of each individual to lend a hand. One person's empathy without action is no more than a passing kind thought.

Much like the pond ripple that ever expands and grows across the water's surface, a collective of souls contributing in the smallest of ways can create momentous change. The Nappy Collective was founded on such a philosophy. When a group of Mum's pondered the few stray disposable nappies floating about their homes after little people had out grown them, an idea was launched. - to collect all the leftover unused nappies and distribute them to families in crisis or in need. The Nappy Collective states "there are thousands of families in crisis and mothers in shelters who struggle to cover basic needs for their young children, causing stress, financial difficulty and health challenges for babies. Donating unused nappies assists these families to focus on longer term, deeper care of their children by relieving them of short term challenges and stress.".

Nappies are collected three times a year at various locations and each and every one adds up to provide relief for those in need. There is a collection running from today until the March 2nd and the website details drop off stations. Go rifle through those drawers and see if you can unearth some stray nappies no longer needed by you...but incredibly needed by others. 

Steph x


  1. Great project Steph - thanks for telling us about it
    I know there are a couple tucked away here in bags/drawers etc
    (and yay - I don't need them anymore!!)

  2. this is EXACTLY what i've been looking for! so glad you posted this x

  3. What a lovely idea. It's amazing how the simplest ideas can have such an impact on people's lives Xx

  4. What a wonderful initiative! I have a whole drawer full of modern cloth nappies just waiting for such a great cause. Thanks so much for letting us know about it. Flick x


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