28 Feb 2014

quiet times

I really took for granted the quiet times I had with my girl.  Before school started it was just her and me whiling sunlit afternoons as our baby boy slept.  A gentle connectedness that comes from predictability; knowing someone wholly.  A compatibility, an easiness.  Our wooden table would spill over with cloth and twine, chatter and imagination and time would move a little slower. These were everyday moments that unfolded naturally and fused us with creativity, conversation and time.  I miss the certainty of those afternoons together; their everyday-ness.

Now these are times I must gather carefully. A library book may spark an idea, then a conversation, and I file away plans for togetherness when the time is right.  In the "all in together this fine weather" way of family life I strive to snatch time just with her. Nothing grand or indulgent, just simple and quiet time. Just me and my girl.

It's quite the juggle so tell me, how do you carve out little slices of one-on-one time with your babies?

Steph x


  1. My hubby and I often have one on one time with our boys. When they were little each of us had one on one time with the child that was awake during the other child's sleep time. Now that they are older, one of us may take one child off to do something special. Eg. Yesterday I took our 13 year old to play golf, his favorite thing to do at the moment. The 16 year old stayed home with his Dad and then they went to their fire brigade meeting. Our boys now have different interests and some that are the same. It is with their different interests that we have the one on one time with them. Sometimes my hubby does and sometimes I do. We try to swop it about a bit. xxoo

  2. My daughter is now in Grade 4 and this less time together and less slow times, and craft and just being and doing is the thing I miss the most from her starting school, time for slow walks and baking and talking and playing and reading......have to fight to fit it in now. Not fight with her but with the busyness of the school routine and homework etc. really miss those preschool years

  3. I find it to be one of the hardest things ever, though it's those quiet incidental moments that are often the most precious x

  4. rebecca cobb illustrations are the BEST. beautiful photos and space as always steph. you have such peace here. x


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