7 Feb 2014


connecting - Last night I rang my Grandma and asked her how she met my Grandfather. The joy that rang in her voice as she told the tale of the handsome soldier in the doorway of the Paddington Town Hall on Thursday dance night was so very beautiful. Sadly she has been a widow for forty years but her heartfelt words affirmed that true love never dies.

nourishing -  Our table has been laden with simple dinners of soup and salad. Easy on the digestive system and easy on tired little souls. This one is heavenly with little nuggets of good Italian sausage.

reading -  The tales of childhood woven in the pages of Apples for Jam are enchanting and uplifting. This is one of my all time favourite cook books and is inspiring a new rhythm in our home now that one baby has flown the nest for a time.

playing - Little people have been weary and early baths filled with bubbles and sea creature friends have been a welcome salve. They splash about while I sit nearby and knit a few rows.  My quiet presence seems to be all that is needed.

creating -  I completed my tea leaves cardi and sewed delicate painted buttons onto it. Although the weather is warm I can't help but wish for a cold, grey afternoon to wear it.

nurturing -  Water. I must drink more water.

growing -  I've discovered my herbs have "wet feet". There are yellowing due to over watering and not enough drainage. This weekend calls for some repotting and perhaps a treat of worm juice. To think I've over watered something is quite unbelievable!

listening -  The giant gum trees near honey girl's school are filled with Sulphur Crested Cockatoos in the morning. The cacophony of sounds can't help but make us all laugh. This moment of happiness is enough to reboot a day that got off to the wrong start and send us off into the world a little more positively. 

I hope this weekend you find a beautiful feather, scrunch herbs in your fingers and inhale their scent or snatch a quiet moment to flick through an old photo album. May it be a beautiful one.

Steph x


  1. I read that first line and my heart smiled. It's those conversations that I miss having with my nanna. We had a great relationship, I liked knowing and she liked telling. I hope you have many more amazing conversations with your grandma xoxox

  2. oh just wonderful inspiring events happening at your place steph! it's hard to imagine we wish the warm weather away, but all this heat is making us all wish for cooler days (and nights!)….may your days be splendid xx

  3. i love this post. so inspiring. and it really makes me smile

  4. i'm so glad i found your blog. your words are beautifully written. and your photography is exquisite. i have a tape of an interview i did with my nana when i was 10 years old - so wonderful to be able to still hear her voice even though she is long gone.
    do you have a subscribe function so i can make sure i don't miss a post?

    1. What lovely words...thank-you! What a beautiful keepsake you have of your Nana. Thanks so much for popping in. Wishing you a happy Sunday :) xx
      P.S. I just added a follow by email button x

  5. Sigh. A lovely tale of true love. I don't know how my grandparents met and they are no longer here to ask...I must remember to ask my mum.


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