5 Feb 2014

drawing with charcoal

Busy days, slow afternoons.
Structure and routine followed by gentle rhythms; simple play.
Black shoes and white socks, then bare feet on grass.
Baby bird flying from the nest for a time, Mumma bird waiting patiently.
Charcoal, glue and wisps of nature.
Mumma and Bijou.

Steph x


  1. Your images are constantly inspiring to me - they capture the beauty of your days so simply yet wholly. Thank you for sharing your time with us xox

    1. Such a beautiful thing to say! Thank you so much for your kind words xxx

  2. Beautiful. I love slow afternoons like these. Carla x

  3. Charcoal is a fave medium of mine. It's so... earthy. That sounds trite, but it is!!! No wonder kids love it. x

  4. I'm so reluctant to give my afternoons with Miss 9 up. Forms for extracurricular activities have been coming home already and while it's all exciting I like the time we have together after school. And she adores it too. We're trying to strike a balance between home time and the extracurricular things. I'm guarding my slow afternoons like your and Bijou's jealously for the moment :)


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