21 Feb 2014

dandelion dye

Each morning as we walk the slow, gentle path to school they smile at us. At our feet, little bursts of yellow drinking in sunlight and proudly opening themselves up in display.  Come the afternoon they have closed up shop for the day and only little shards of colour pop out amidst the endless green stems.  Dandelions.

Every day the babies pick handfuls for Mumma and every day I come home and wash the deep yellow stain from my fingers.  Rich and highly pigmented, infused with Summer and morning chatter. They got me thinking.....

Steph  x

I made a natural dye with the abundance of dandelions. I used a vinegar * mordant (fixative) to prepare my cotton yarn and help it drink in the yellow hue. I used this method to dye the yarn. I'm now spying colour in my garden and on our walks; fallen rose petals, marigolds and earthy eucalyptus leaves. And my pantry yields more inspiration still with beetroot, leafy greens and turmeric. I think this should read...to be continued...


  1. The yarn turned out beautifully Steph...I love the earthy organic color of it. I've been inspired lately to teach myself how to knit. I even bought several balls of yarn at the thrift store the other day and put them in an old wicker basket. I think maybe I just like the look of them and the thought of being a knitter! :) But really I would love to learn more about hand-dying them.

    Your blog always makes me feel good and inspired when I visit. You just seem very sincere about the simple beautiful things in life.

  2. Oh how lovely for you! Wishing you much adventure. Thanks so much for your lovely words. You always leave such thoughtful comments and I am touched my your message. Thank you xx

  3. You weave such a beautiful story with your words and your pictures. The yarn looks gorgeous next to that print. I look forward to seeing how other natural dyes go.

  4. this is wonderful, the loveliest shade x

  5. What a lovely idea. Your words are poetry.
    I have a lovely giveaway on at the moment if you are interested, pop over to my blog and enter. xx

  6. How absolutely beautiful... your words, that yarn, your sun filled home. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Much love dear friend xxx

  7. Soaking up all this sunshine over on your page ;) this is just gorgeous, Steph. You make such beautiful, beautiful things. Sending big love your way! x


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