16 Feb 2014


connecting -  Stepping out of my comfort zone and introducing  myself to fellow Mums at school. We are all as new and anxious as each other so gentle conversations before the school bell rings have been reassuring and inspiring.

nourishing -  making batch after batch of delicious and super easy banana blender pancakes. We make ours small for a healthy lunch box treat.

reading -  Revisiting Buddhism for Mothers and going gently on myself as I adjust to the role of "school mum"  (this one is waiting nearby for when I'm finished).

playing - Guess Who with my girl ....Is you person David?

creating -  Casting on tiny, squishy knits for little souls almost ready to enter this world.

nurturing -  The little man is missing his girl so quiet walks in places of green, trips to the library and plenty of Mumma snuggles and train play are called for. 

growing -  We're planning a little frog pond in homage to our wandering lady (who has since wandered off) and exploring beautiful water plants.

listening -  Old school jazz.

Steph x


  1. We love a game of Guess who in at our place. I am finding I always revisit Buddhism for Mothers. I love it.
    Have a wonderful week sweet lady. x

  2. A big time of transition for you. We have got a reprieve, with a change of states meaning an extra year of preschool for our daughter so we won't have to face the big school transition until 2016 - but goodness I already know I will miss her like mad. Glad you are being gentle on yourself. A big change for the small man too - my son already misses his sister and she is only at preschool one day a week. But, he wanders round like a little lost soul without his playmate. Oh, though he does enjoy being the soul recipient of Mummy's attention!

  3. Guess Who is one of our favourite games. Love this thoughtful post Steph. xx (If you're interested, I'm running a giveaway at the moment, giving away three gorgeous gifts. Pop over and enter if you like!) xx Katrina

  4. Happy to read Steph you are finding some reassurance and inspiration amongst the other new school mums. You are doing better than me, it took me til 4th term when River was in Prep to step out of my comfort zone with the school mums! xx


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