29 Jan 2013

the bush

In our little home when all are sleeping and crickets chirp melodically; rhythmically, we talk. Conversations roll effortlessly from day to day this and that and meander with much laughter and sometimes tears. We chat of life and love. We voice our dream of packing up all our worldly possessions in cardboard boxes, heaving them onto rumbling trucks and moving away. With each talk our words paint more delicate detail in our vision somehow almost willing it into existence.

Sometimes we yearn for land; open grassy hillocks for rambling and rolling, thickets of bushland tempered with cooling and ever changing creeks, thick callousey trees to wrap our limbs about and tangle our hearts in.Then other times we long to wake to the sound of gentle waves tickling the morning shore. To daily feel sand and salty bubbles between our toes and to come alive under the spell of the ocean. The common thread is always nature. We want to live close to this earth.

Come what may, the time is not right for this dream to blossom. With each beautiful chat we wrap it up carefully and tuck it away where time and neglect can neither wither nor harden it. Some day we will peel back its layers and read in depth this blueprint for our life together. Some day....but not this day.

Today we must choose to bloom where we are planted. Today we must pack little baskets with fruit and water. We must don walking shoes and hats and head to places of foliage; of nature. Tucked amongst sprawling estates of houses, hidden behind service stations and takeaway curry restaurants there are little slices of green worlds. Places where the air is permeated with the distinct smell of the bush, where cicadas ring in your ears and there are tracks that call for one foot in front of the other with no real destination but a chance to just be.

Steph x

We contacted our local council for information about bushland reserves and national parks in our suburban area. We were astounded to discover how many there were right under our noses. 


  1. Oh Steph, the way you weave words is so truly magical. The images you create in my mind are so tangable, I feel like I'm dreaming the same dreams right there beside you. We too, long for nature. How lucky we are to have this incredible planet to explore and marvel at. One day, my sweet friend, one day x


  2. This is magical Steph! This is where it all starts...It took us years to figure this all out..just let those dreams permeate, grow and develop and then, it will happen...your dream will be real.

  3. my, my, that first photo is absolutely beautiful. our grounds are currently covered in fresh snow and, while that has it's beauty and advantages, i can't help but live vicariously through you... i wish our days were warm to allow for outdoor exploration!

    we,too, dream of land when we're planning out perfect future home. one day, hopefully!

  4. I agree with these ladies. What magical, beautiful words. And those pictures. The greens. Oh my goodness. I want green.

  5. Seeing these photos and reading your words brings back memories - I can almost smell the bush from here :) I grew up in the Qld countryside and I miss it, dearly.

  6. So beautifully described, Steph. May your dreams come true xx

  7. beautiful words steph ... showing the boys the pictures of bijou this morning - william smiled and said "gnomes would live in the bottom of that tree mama" x
    in time your dreams will come true sweet friends x

  8. Oh Steph, you share the same dream we do and while we are still a little way off, all those years of dreaming are ever so slowly coming to fruition for us. You will get there sweet lady :)


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