31 Jan 2013


Ruby red tomato crushed and smeared with abandon onto paper thin dough, milky buffalo mozzarella turned molten under the grill's harsh glare, and basil haphazardly scattered to complete this foodie's still life.

Thyme's polygamous ways marrying with chicken, glossy amber stock and white wine and then again with musky mushrooms and generous dollops of double cream.

Lavender crushed between palms and scalded with boiling water; the fragrant oil jumping forth from it's tiny cocoon and imbuing the air and the palette with it's delicacy. Mint often joining her for a languish in this heady hot tub.

Dill. Wispery thin fronds tucked into whole rainbow trout amidst lemon slices and baked til the house smells like heaven. Crusty bread close at hand to mop up the moreish lemony, aniseed piqued juices. A glass of vino not obligatory but most, most welcome.

Steph x

Vintage silver spoons picked up for tuppence at the op shop where hammered between a towel. Such fun! Metal letter stamps and a darn good thwacking brought words to life on the smooth disks. 

Joining in with these lovelies 


  1. Divine and delish!!
    I was given a few herb marker spoons a few years ago and have been on the look out for some letter stamps ever since to no avail.
    Gorgeoues stuff. xx

  2. Lovely! This is like a poem! You evoke such beautiful, tactile, delicious images :)

  3. This is beautiful and i love the spoons!

  4. They would have to be the sweetest herb markers I have ever seen. I'm jealous!!! Have a gorgeous week xo

  5. gorgeous photos!! love the spoon markers such a clever and eco friendly idea :-)

  6. I love this! Added to my project pile when I have more of a garden. x

  7. Oh wow! So clever, so gorgeous, and words that sounds so yum! x

  8. Hey Steph...start a little stash of spoons for me...I'll order some from you come time for our big move and impending prosperous herb garden!!! xx

  9. This is a beautiful idea, I love gardening and herbs and silver spoons x

  10. Your spoons are so lovely Steph. They are so much fun to make, all that hammering:) I must make some for myself, I've made some for others but never made any for me, yet:) xx


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