11 Jan 2013

a man's shirt and a pillowcase


Dirt in all it's forms from great muddy globules to powdery dust is attracted to him. Rather, he is attracted to all forms of dirt. A pudgy index finger always pointing to this and that worms its way into pot plant, mossy crevice and damp earth. A look of triumph sweeps across his beautiful face when his search yields dirt or some such. It more often than not goes into his mouth.

Smudgy knees from crawling have given way to blackened feet as my baby now views his world walking. His clothes are changed and re changed many times a day. At times I simply run out.

With a balmy Summer afternoon and two babies sleeping under my belt I dove into my collection of odds and sods and came up with a man's Hawaiian shirt and a vintage pillowcase. The bloomers pattern from Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter was hastily cut out and pinned in place. Some pinning, stitching and threading of elastic peppered with frequent glances at the clock and a bottomless cup of tea saw three little man pants come to being.

Squidgy cloth nappied bottom in Mumma made pants, bare chest and tentative steps. My boy.

Steph x

Playing along with these lovelies today.


  1. I love that pattern and made it a few times when my pair were bubs. That vintage pillow case is too cute x

  2. Your little boy is just adorable :) I love the way you write! Your descriptions and prose in general are lovely. Such a pleasure to read your blog.

    1. Thanks so much lovely! Your kind and thoughtful words have not only made me smile...but made my day. WIshing you a beautiful weekend :) x

  3. They are super cute - as is your little man.

    Happy New Year - sorry its a little late - and warm wishes for this new year.

    Nina x

  4. Oh it doesn't seem like that long ago that our little guy was running around in mama-made rompers.
    Really gorgeous Steph :)

  5. Sweet. Something to add to my need to do list.
    Kate xx

  6. I can just imagine you Steph, dreamily sipping tea whilst your babes sleep and you stitching up these delights! Why Summer is perfect for showing off such gorgeous bloomers...Give Mr R a huge kiss and cuddle for me! have a stellar weekend (we're escaping back to the country for another week ;-) much love b xx

  7. I love this kind of dress code! The pants are too cute and your little man is even more so :)

    Sophie xo

  8. Too cute for words, brings back memories :)

  9. Oh the profile shot and those CHEEKS! Mwah!...Funny, I have this book too and am planning to make a few of these for a friend about to have a baby. Haven't done much with elastic before though - yikes x

  10. Gorgeous little guy. Love the pants, I will have to dust off my sewing machine and get back into making again. Hard juggling nap times but so worth it when you can squeeze in great little projects. Love your blog, beautiful words and images. Bec

  11. My middle boy is happiest when head-to-toe in dirt... do you remember Pigpen from the Peanuts comics? He was completely at peace with his dirtiness and said "when you criticise me you criticise the very soil on which you stand." Those little bloomers are adorable x


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