17 Jan 2013

her invitations

Muddled brushes, humidity and cool concrete. Clingy summer hair.
Teal, olive, mustard and cherry blossom pink.
Tactile delights; cool paint and tickly bristles, squidging.
A trusty baking friend and lead pencil on natural card.
Ever the concentration tongue.
Lines followed and then creativity unleashed.
Colours all a whirl, snips of fabric and woolly tresses.
Bonny lasses swathed in rainbows.
A poppet bubbling with excitement.

Steph x

Joining in with these lovely souls.


  1. These are gorgeous Steph! What a sweet idea - I love how you include your little ones' handiwork in their invitations xx

  2. Oh I absolutely love this! So beautiful that you two made her invitations together, and the colors are so pretty!

  3. what gorgeous colourful girls you lovelies have made there. No wonder she is excited! :)sarah

  4. What a fabulous idea for invitations and What gorgeous colours too. They look perfect! Have a lovely day xo

  5. they look wonderful. this past november for Lily's third birthday she too made all of her invitations. mermaids. i think it's the way to go

  6. Beautiful photos, love the concentration tongue!

  7. I love the concentration as she uses her scissors, tongue out to the side. So sweet xo

  8. These are gorgeous! A lovely cool activity for hot and humid weather, and so exciting preparing for a party..x

  9. I love seeing your creative endeavours unfold each post - brilliant! And each little 'lady' has a different expression - amazing. Beautiful little artist x
    ps. did I understand you've been to The Nursery? your photos seem to get more and more lovely each post.
    (sent through an earlier comment, but not sure it worked - so please excuse the double up if i did come through!)

    1. She most certainly is that lovely Claire. And yes, I did The Nursery with Tim and it was awesome. I am just taking oodles of photos (many are very dodgy!) but each day I'm getting more and more better ones...and in less time. Thanks so much for your lovely comments...they always make me smile. Hope all is bright in your world :) x

  10. Hi Steph!
    I am right here contemplating all these creative projects you do with your kids. So much great and nurturing ideas! These invitations are certainly much more exciting than the ones we buy at stores. I loved them, and all other you did previously.
    Thanks for visiting me! That was lovely!

  11. Oh the concentration tongue! Miss M does that too and it just gets me every time! Such sweet sweet invitation darling girl...what are you planning on to celebrate her birthday! have a wonderful day xx

  12. Deeeeelightful! that tongue! *sigh* so perfectly captured Steph. xxx

  13. I love that you foster the art of creativity Steph. So nice to see children using their imaginations to make and create. You have no idea how many children I see who given a few items don't know what to do with them! But give them an ipad and they're off! What happened to paper, pencils, scissors and a glue pot?!

    Sophie xo

  14. I really do love that you are nuturing your children's creative side Steph..it's so delightful to see and you have captured this moment in time so beautifully.

  15. Gorgeous images. I love the tongue! So so sweet. Thanks for the lovely comments on my post too. x

  16. what a cute idea. the little tongue poking out in concentration is just perfect :)

  17. Oh delightful childmade invitations - perfect! And that tongue! Love it!


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