21 Jan 2014

worry dolls

Worrying comes easy to some. Tiny shards of negativity slowly pile up like Jenga bricks and should they let them, come toppling down in a dramatic symphony of tears and tantrums.  Others sail through life's peaks and troughs without so much as a backward glance and march forward into the future without baggage.  Me, I tend to walk the fence between the two.

On a good day I embrace life with all its quirks and roll along in time with it. Then, when the conditions are ripe; fuelled with late nights and too much caffeine, I can slide down into a swamp of sticky, all consuming negativity.  I've found that simply getting on with it seems to be the best way for me to haul myself out of the dark; to show no hospitality to these thoughts with my industry and send them packing.

The Guatemalan people believe that tiny, colourful dolls can ease a whirly mind.  By passing your worries onto these little friends and placing them where you dream, they will relieve you of your burdens during the night and generously carry them away.  As worries are more often than not unpleasant thoughts that we choose to wallow in (and scenarios highly unlikely to unfold)  I like the simplistic thinking of this.  It really is such a beautiful and whimsical way of simply saying, "let it go". And one I have found very powerful for my honey girl....and me for that matter.

Steph x

We made some tiny worry dolls as we explored the colourful culture of Guatemala. Using small dolly pegs we wrapped embroidery thread around them and secured with craft glue, then added woollen hair and simple features.  We whispered our worries to them and placed them under our pillows and let their quiet magic soothe our troubles.


  1. My nanna gave me some worry dolls when I was young... perhaps 12yrs old. She must've known I was (and sometimes still am) a worrier. These dolls worked a treat! Not long ago I loaned mine out to another young girl having bad dreams. Not long after she returned them and the worries and nightmares were gone. So Simple. I love that you made some!

  2. How funny, I always gift friends and little people worry dolls. I've had some for as along as I can remember and I love them. Such a sweet craft idea (As always Steph!) x

  3. I used to love my worry dolls and I'm sure I still have them (albeit packed away somewhere)….yours are beautiful and what a great way to learn and explore a countries cultural significance. Wishing you lovely days my friend xx

  4. My sweeties made worry dolls out of paper. They tell them their worries and then tuck the dolls under their pillows at night. It helps so much. x

  5. We call them "wish our worries away" dolls. I remember mine from when I was little…

    (And finally I say my first shy hello… Hello!)
    Warmly, Renee

  6. i love worry dolls! when i first trained as a teacher I was terrified about standing up in front of a class! i brought a box of worry dolls and slept with them under my pillow and felt so much better! these ones are gorgeous as is your photography xx

  7. Lovely idea Steph! We have worry boxes, so that the children can write down their worries and let them go once they are safely stored in the box. It works for us, as the children often like to take that worry out at another time and talk about it, or throw it away for good. xxx

  8. I love these! When I first moved out of home I used to constantly worry that my car was going to break down in the middle of a busy rush hour, it was making me so anxious. So I bought some worry dolls specifically for my car and when I started to get worried about my new faultless car breaking down, I would shift my focus onto the worry dolls and it helped!



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