30 Jan 2014


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I reach for the same straw yellow bowl and  the same worn wooden spoon.  Flung over my shoulder is a tea towel in muted natural fibres that will soften further with time and use. Quality tools majestic in their simplicity that I will turn to for many years to come. Familiar and predictable, they have grown to be part of this space. I thumb through floral tinged cook books bursting with awe inspiring photography but after bathing in their ways for a time I return to the recipes of my Mum, my Grandmothers and even my Great Grandmothers.   There is a calm in the sameness of it all.

With a familiar recipe chosen I start my kitchen dance. It's a gentle and timeless practice that grounds me; in my day, in my home, in my world.  When all around is a whirligig of too much, too loud, too fast, there is strength and peace to be found in the simple alchemy of butter, eggs and flour. It is a way to extend a hand to a friend, welcome a new baby, to stir love and time and words that sometimes can't be said into something sweet and heartwarming.  A collage of simple indulgence, familiar rhythms and home.

Steph x

Olivia from little flourishes creates timeless products steeped in Australiana and resonating with her strong environmental and ethical philosophy.  Each beautiful, contemporary design is locally produced and uses natural, organic fibres. She produces eco conscious baby ware including butter soft blankets and wraps inspired by the magnificent Australian flora and fauna. I adore the bachelor button and flannel flowers wrap and can envisage many afternoon naps in the shade on the Australian black neck stork blanket.  Timeless and sturdy homewares in robust linen add another lovely dimension to her collection. The Queensland firewheel tablecloth would be a perfect way to imbue a Christmas table with nature's beauty and the thirsty natural linen tea towels grow more beautiful with time and use. Olivia's muted palette and botanical designs would bring a certain simple beauty to any home.


  1. They look positively scrummy. I love the ritualistic nature of baking (but strangely this does not transfer to cooking dinner every night after night after night!). x

  2. These are just darling as is your lovely photography of the process.

  3. what a delightful atmosphere to be baking in steph. Those linens sure are beautiful, and i am forever amazed at the talents of our local australian crafters. those cookies look a treat too - wishing you beautiful days xx

  4. The table runner is stunning and sure makes the perfect backdrop to your homemade biccies.

  5. You take a beautiful photo. I am only just starting to appreciate the value of timeless table linen. Some pieces here worth adding to my own x

  6. The linens look lovely, but I'm IN LOVE with your cooling rack/pot stand! Gorgeous!
    I also have a weird thing for bowls (the older the better, but the shape is most important)... a picture of your yellow bowl sometime?

  7. How beautiful is this post and your lovely thoughts on Baking. I found this so warm hearted and yes I wanted to jump straight into my kitchen and get baking something delicious for others. I have included this post in my February Link Mag for my readers to connect with lovely post and sites such as yours. Hope you get some lovely visitors. xx

    1. Thanks so much for the link! Your lovely words made my day. Wishing you a beautiful weekend :) xx


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