24 Jan 2014


connecting - We have been having dinner earlier lately and involving everyone in the cleanup afterwards. We're making time for a simple board game or puzzles after our meal and relishing this gentle time together; a new family ritual. 

nourishing - The heat has been quite oppressive so I've been keeping a crystal jug of water in the fridge laced with fresh mint, lavender and lemon. 

reading -  Revisiting an old favourite, Calm and Compassionate Children and being guided by the author's serene ways as we begin a more structured, busy part of our lives.

playing - With longer days we've been spreading floral sheets on the lawn and threading foraged blooms with needle and cotton.

creating -  Large rectangles of cotton voile are being cajoled into a few simple summery maxi skirts. 

nurturing -  Cat stretches in the morning are easing my troublesome lower back and new organic cotton sheets are helping me to sleep.

growing - Little jars are lining our kitchen bench with sprouts; such a wonder to observe each day and delicious in our salads. 

listening - Saying the words out loud...and believing them, "She will be fine".

May your weekend be restorative and beauty-filled.

Steph x


  1. Oh love... she will be!
    Love the gorgeous plates... and do you use any kind of Lavender in your water...? That sounds delish!

    1. I've been collecting them for ages...I never pay much for them either. And yes, my little mint water is delish. I just use some lavender leaves or flowers if there are any on our bush. I give both the mint and lavender a bit of scrunch before I put it in. Hope your weekend is lovely xxx

  2. plates are gorgeous i am a sucker for gilt and anything that cant go in the dishwasher! your list sounds gentle, warm and wonderful and thank you for the heads up on the book, i have just ordered it! x

  3. oh just beautiful steph! wishing you many a serene and wondrous days xx

  4. Bijou will be fine I know it, and so will you lovely one. x

  5. Just the words I needed to here this afternoon :) Beautiful and simply put. I love the water jug note x

  6. Sounds like an absolutely beautiful way to spend your time. The heat here has been horrid too but right now it's cool and there's a good breeze a blowing:) x

  7. oh steph, she really will be fine.
    new organic sheets would be bliss as would be soaking up outside with crafts and each other. i haven't popped by in a while and miss this peaceful place you keep. xx ashley


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