10 Jan 2014


connecting - what with bags and babies I haven't held my beloved's hand while we're out and about for what seems like forever. It has become a habit and changes need to be made.

nourishing -  savoury crepes have been gracing our table; easy, delicious and nourishing. All boxes ticked.

playing - giggles and Guess Who with my girl.

creating - finishing off the arms on my Tiny Tea Leaves cardi in a delicious shade of earthy yellow. This weekend promises rain...and hopefully tea and knitting.

nurturing - morning coffees are taking their toll so I'm trying hard to stick to my hot water with the juice of half a lemon when I wake in the morning.

growing - I can't quite believe I've kept my indoor garden alive this long. I've followed my Mum's simple instructions of half a cup of water every day and it's worked!

listening - I heard "Hands" by Jewel on the radio and it's simple message has haunted me all week; I am saddened but inspired.

Steph x

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  1. you weave your words so beautifully, that is a lovely cardigan pattern,


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