14 Jan 2014

simple play

We packed light for our little farm getaway; a few sets of clothes, some treasured stories, watercolours and little notebooks,  and plans for adventure. A handful of play animals were tossed into the boot at the last minute yet they never saw the light.  Our days were graced with simple play.

The babies drew from the environment around them as they would choose a toy from the cupboard at home. With each new day they would swing open the doors of the natural world and peruse its offerings. A gathering basket holding an abundant and eclectic collection, or perhaps a simple net and old jar. Clutching rudimentary tools they dug holes, scraped away dirt and created new landscapes for their play. Watercolours were at hand for tetchy times when all needed to ground and calm for a time - nothing quite soothes a befuddled soul as swishing colour about. And we taught them the enchanting art of cloud reading filling the sky with fluffy elephants and mermaid tails.

Wriggly little worms in dirty hands, water filled gumboots and feathers. Active bodies and enquiring minds. Fresh air, sunshine and leaves. Happy beings.

I think we might head somewhere green today...

Steph x


  1. The essence to a most perfect childhood. Delightful, lovely one x

  2. sounds perfect!

  3. Are both of your children left handed? I'm still addicted to your posts, beautiful as always!

    1. Bijou is definitely left handed and Remy is favouring his too. Thanks for your lovely words xx

  4. I love that you and your family choose the outdoors as a default place to gather and explore, rather than an app in an ipad or a show on the television. I couldn't stress to you enough how important I think it is for children to see the world around them and to discover it for themselves. Thank you for being an advocate for that

  5. Must remember that tip... some quiet painting when things start to get a bit cranky!

  6. Lovely pictures, and very inspiring!

  7. I love that your family holidays are staying at a farm. It has become your family tradition. Such a clever way to add balance and diversity to your lifestyle. And good memories!

  8. just as it should be! this is beautiful xxx


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