17 Jan 2014


connecting - leaving the vacuuming and the folding and getting down on the floor with my little people, those tasks won't mind waiting another day

nourishing - the babies are still requesting porridge for breakfast so we're devouring it with seasonal stone fruit, coconut milk yoghurt, maple syrup, chia seeds and a tiny sprinkle of cardamom for it's body cooling properties

playing - the weather is warm and the foot paths are covered in dandelions so I've been picking them and stewing them in the dye pot.

creating -  in the morning sunshine my girl and I have been making a little herb tea garden,  and secretly hoping the fairies will come and visit

nurturing - burning sandalwood, ylang ylang and orange oils to strengthen my spirit; the warming aroma encourages confidence and positiveness as we embark on new adventures

growing - my hair

listening - my body is protesting with crunches and creaks; I'm responding to it by concentrating on my posture

How has you week unfolded?

Steph x


  1. Hi Steph, Happy New Year to you. I'm loving the slow pace of these holidays, next week is the last week and I have knots in my stomach just thinking about it. I have a little person who will be starting school for the first time. I have let housework slide these holidays, I'm just making the most of having my three all at home together xo

  2. I love visit your blog, it's always inspiring and lovely to read. I'm trying to let my hair grow too, and all the week i've been listening The Paper Kites EP and LP non stop :)

  3. Hi Steph. I really liked this post last week and so did my own version (referencing back to you), I have also made it an aim to do it weekly... I have linked to you and will continue to do si on all of them... do you mind? If you do I'll stop but just wanted to jun it past you...


    1. Oh that's so lovely! I'm really enjoying reflecting in my week and planning the next one. I'm so pleased you want to as well. Enjoy your weekend lovely soul xx

  4. Our week unfolded beautifully; slowly, simply. We are enjoying nurturing our vegetable garden and watching it grow. I can almost smell your delicious porridge. Did you make the yoghurt? It sounds divine :)


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