15 Aug 2013

splashes of colour

He shadows her movements and mimics her every utterance. She talks to him of colours and birds and growing things whilst gently directing his brush to the water jar, then to the paint and then to the cloth. As watery droplets seep into the fibres a spark ignites and he sets about splashing colour here and there just as she is doing beside him.  I sip tea as they make rainbows on cream calico and draw breath and cloud watch.

I know only too well that this swirl of serenity and colour will before long become an overturned paint jar, a scuffle over a brush or a task abandoned in search of other enchantments. Such is the way when creating with little people. For now I will revel in hot tea, morning sun and happy babies.

Steph x

We used our watercolours to make rainbows on scraps of calico. I used thrifted embroidery hoops to keep the fabric taut and let the dappled light inspire us.


  1. These photos are precious...hold these sweet moments tight as they pass so quickly. One day mine were babies and then I blinked and they became little men.

    I really admire the projects you do with them...not big and fancy, but meaningful and thoughtful.

  2. What a fantastic idea. We often have the water paints out but always use paper... fabric would be lovely.x

  3. Love those colours!!! and love that second paragraph!! :)

  4. Lovely to get such pretty colours on paper before everything turns into an exercise in brown. I always used to find that whatever colours started individually they eventually got mixed and ended up brown.

  5. We have played with water colours recently too - but I never thought of fabric.
    Beautiful moments

  6. I love the magical world you weave with gentle words and beautiful pictures. I feel like I am floating through your space. I love watercolour. Visiting for Rewind. x

  7. Enjoying the small things.....perfect. I love your calico painting idea, it's gorgeous. :)

  8. Her watercolour hat just sets the whole thing off so beautifully. x


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