25 Aug 2013

little things - hands

Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.

A lady beetle took a liking to him. 
She painted his toe nails in the morning sun. *
Salad stealing.
Beautiful girls and old school champagne glasses.
Afternoon milk.
Beloved Nana.

Steph x

Joining in with the beautiful Em.

* I have discovered that the only way I can manage time to paint my own toe nails is to  hand my honey girl a tiny bottle of something glittery and leave her to it.  Her careful artwork  never lasts the day as play and a good srcub in the bath washes it away.


  1. Oh I do like a themed snippets
    And I love aged, beautiful hands

  2. Love the photos and painting the toe nails including the upside down nail polish bottle with it's contents coming out! A classic. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Such a lovely idea, to focus on hands - so intimate. We've been experimenting with nail polish as well - my little girl insists on painting my nails, but we've also been painting with it on cards. Love those chubby little fingers!

  4. Love these. I'm inspired to try shooting from a different perspective this week.

  5. These are sweet...I love hands. Like the eyes, they can tell stories without any words.

    The first night I met my husband, I noticed his hands when he passed a drink to me....I fell in love with him at that very moment. :)

    Hope you have a beautiful day ~

  6. Beautiful moments captured! I spend a few minutes checking out your blog and I find it very fun and bright! ps. I love your photos!

  7. Your shots are gorgeous Steph.

  8. Gorgeous, Steph -- your posts always bring such peace to my evenings.

  9. I love the angle on that nail polish bottle!!! My youngest also likes a little toe nail colour and I think it's sweet and fun. x

  10. Oh those little fingers and toes are breathtaking. I love your blog it's such a breath of fresh air and you take such beautiful photos.

  11. So beautiful! Look at those little fingers and painted toes! Such a delight.
    Soph xx

  12. These hands all tell such wonderful little tales. A beautiful collection. That bright blue ring and the pale gold champagne.... Lovely. The painty nails capture really made me smile, too. So like my two. Hope you have a week of lovely moments to follow. Holly.x

  13. I love your focus on hands - they're so expressive! Beautiful portraits x

  14. Such a beautiful collection of hands. I'm enjoying perusing your blog today! :)


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