4 Aug 2013

little things

Little things that make our world. Things I want to capture, tuck away and peek at another day....and smile.

His beloved turtle needs repairing.
Afternoon creating side by side.
He made tomato relish. Swoon.
My rumble, tumble wild girl.
A delicate treasure...a memento of my love for the natural world. *
My  yellow cardi is growing.

Steph x

This exquisite silver leaf is from my beautiful friend Sophie''s Wilde Asher collection. 
Joining in with the beautiful Em.


  1. Gorgeous - especially the yellow of the yellow cardi! :)

  2. Oh the perfect shade of yellow for your cardi.
    Love how you've managed to capture the hands in your photos. x

  3. Beautiful. Love this peek into your world.

  4. Lovely stills. I always forget the seasons are the opposite of here in Australia, so a cardi makes sense for winter! Love the sandy feet shot!

  5. The silvery leaf is divine
    And the photo of the rumble tumble girl makes me smile

  6. Love the yellow cardi and the matching mug, and the opportunity for shared crafty times. Making tomato relish is on my must do list!


Your words brighten my day! Thank-you so much for joining me on my adventure. x