13 Aug 2013

minted bread sauce


There are those parts of recipes that barely make it to the table; the salty,crispy "calling to me" pancetta sprinkles, the guacamole all green and vivid, croutons fried crisp in butter and garlic oil.   And this one, minted bread sauce.

We serendipitously stumbled across this Jamie Oliver recipe for minted bread sauce * many years ago when our cupboard left Mother Hubbard's for dead. Armed with nought but a chunk of stale baguette, a few fridge condiments, snips from the garden, some lamb chops and a bottle of red wine we created what was one of the most delicious meals we'd eaten. A perfect way to use up a leftover crust languishing in the bread bin and a divine accompaniment to any meat.

Steph x

* The recipe comes from his book, Jamie Oliver - The Return of the Naked Chef. We chop all the ingredients by hand and use the whole chunk of bread, crust and all. It is heaven!

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  1. Minted bread sauce is one of those things that doesn't sound nearly half as good as it tastes!!! Love your words and photos!!


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