7 Aug 2013



King Winter appears to have abandoned his post. As my boots walk the cracked path near our house the fine wool draped about my throat seems all at once itchy and constricting. I feel my cheeks flush and the I observe the sky's blue leaning more towards a Springtime hue. I will walk this path many times with my baby girl's hand in mine. It is the path to her "big school" and today I will enrol her. A lovingly tended rose in a neighbouring yard gives me clarity and hope; on this new adventure I know she will blossom. Wisps of nature are plucked in remembrance of the first etchings of this new chapter. Tears are shed for all that was and all that is to come. There is the scent of sweet change in the air and I breathe in the moment.

Steph x


  1. Oh Steph change is so very hard especially when it is so big, it is such a big deal heading off to school for you both I understand. You and your sweet little one will walk this adventure together, learning and enjoying all the new that will come your way and will bloom. Take care. Hugs to you. xx

  2. Oh I feel the change. So much here! Overwhelming most of the time but I'm taking deep breaths. So many more tears to shed ahead of big school next year. But I trust. That's what I keep saying to myself. I trust! x

  3. goosebumps over this piece of writing! How delightful was it to feel a more balmy air on the skin yesterday afternoon? P.s little doll...adorable!

  4. These photos are gorgeous. Is that a 7vignettes photo I spy? :) I love winter, Steph, so I'm pretending I don't feel any change in the air. You wait til it's the end of summer - I'll be feeling the autumn as soon as the first leaf goes a slight goldeny colour!


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