19 Aug 2013

sling diaries - kinship

As we roll over to snatch another few moments of sweet slumber they are packing their trucks. The sun is far from painting the sky pink and gold as their warm breath sends mist out into the quiet.  Labour from the previous day now fills basket and box with heady scent and vivid colour.  Their ideals carry them here.

With quick hands and hearts full of anticipation their jewel boxes are unloaded and displayed with care. Lemons still bear leafy remnants of their mother and broccoli harbours the odd wriggly stowaway. Tiny blemishes and spots adorn apples and pears and reveal the pesticide free nature of their beginnings. Such blights would deem them unworthy of the garish "supermarket spectacular" but here these characters only fuel the philosophy to eat close to the earth; to nourish ourselves while nurturing our world. 

In the line before me is a striking dread locked beauty all snapping green eyes, silver nose ring and intricately laced sandals. Her basket heaves with citrus, deep jade greens and ginger and I wonder if she is fighting a cold.  Behind me is a designer hand bag ladened Mumma with a giant rock on her ring finger and immaculate highlights through her hair.  Through the gapes in her string bag I spy magenta rhubarb and pink lady apples and I envisage a hearty crumble with lashings of double cream. My own basket holds the makings of a late Winter salad with leaves so fresh they appear to still be growing. We'll wander across the way to buy free range eggs with fluorescent yellow yolks and sourdough loaves all golden and crisp. The "banana man" will chat with my boy and offer him a small blood orange and talk to me of the ninety-six year old apiarist who supplies him with raw honey. 

Like that man's bees to pollen laden blooms we make our way here from all corners of this city. From varying backgrounds we gather as one people under majestic fig trees and drink rich chai, gather our weekly organic produce and chat with farmers about life and this land. Our cup of hope is filled and we head off to our permaculture gardens, corporate offices and our duplexes content in the knowledge that collectively this space and the many varied people who inhabit it are making a change. 

Steph x

We wander through the Northey Street Organic Markets with Remy snuggled close to me in the Sakura Bloom simple silk sling in Pebble . Bijou's dress and my skirt are by the divine Little Tienda.

Photos were taken so very generously by our beautiful friend Toni Raper.


  1. This is divine Steph! Northey Street on a Sunday is one of my very favourite things, it's got such a lovely energy to it! Remy is looking so much older! You all look so beautiful : ) xo

  2. beautiful photos and such a lovely market. your cozy and colorful outfits are making me yearn for fall weather :)

  3. you look gorgeous steph. and i do love a farmer's market x

  4. Superbly translated Stephanie! It's an honour to have my photographs marry with your beautifully written words. let's hit the markets again soon xo

  5. A perfect day out, full of life's colour and fizz. You look amazing. x

  6. Such amazing looking markets.
    the ones here are a bit disappointing, with few stalls selling local produce. x

  7. You look so beautiful and happy. Love the red skirt x

  8. Steph the only thing I don't like about your posts is that they end! I could read your words all day. Beautiful, all of it words and pictures x


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