27 Jun 2013

the creatives

For the last five years of my being I have tucked away a little part of me. Ambitions and some dreams have been shelved in a dark and quiet corner where dust can't blanket them. To weave words around art and landscapes, to capture life's sparks of magic with rawness and integrity. These yearnings were never forgotten, just held in time whilst other grand adventures unfolded.

It was with a swollen belly and the imminent arrival of our first born that I cast aside these daydreams and dived with force and determination into the beautiful and tumultuous sea that is being a Mumma. Some days the cerulean around me caresses my skin and leaves me revitalised and optimistic for the future of all that is good. Other days, the zig zaggy current tosses me about like a tiny cork and threatens to haul me below the surface where light and air can no longer reach me. Thankfully, I have always managed to stay afloat.

But to be handed a day to rekindle the quietly glowing embers of possibility. A day of discovery and inspiration with chances to further explore the art of photography and to consolidate all I know of the written word. A room of kindred spirits and magnificent gentle sunshine.  To step out of the day to day and immerse myself in light and colour and language. A soothing elixir to be quaffed languidly as a day of beauty unfolded.

Together we talked, we walked, we explored. Our boots tread new paths and our journeys thus far intertwined. Unknown souls became kindred spirits as we imagined and created, as we threaded words and pictures together. Beneath silvery gum trees and beside lapping shores we were storytellers.

Steph x

"The Creatives" is a workshop run by the beautiful and talented Tim Coulson and Jodi Wilson. For more details visit Jodi's serene space. Thank-you lovely souls x


  1. What beautiful words and images dear Steph. I cant wait until the 26th to experience this wonderfully creative day.
    Much love, hope there is sun keeping you all warm in Brissy x x

  2. a beautiful post as always Steph - time to nourish ourselves is so important once we have children...we savour it that little bit more :) xx

  3. how important that as women and mothers we still take time to nurture our creative side, to ignite that spirit and allow yourself time to learn and grow...that is a true gift! enjoy x

  4. I am so thankful for The Creatives, simply because it meant we finally had an excuse to meet. For that I will be forever grateful, beautiful friend xx

  5. Creativity is so important, and deeply restorative... it sounds a wonderful day Steph : )

  6. the words you thread and images you capture are simply beautiful steph x


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